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Convertising Vs Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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Convertising Vs Advertising

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Convertising Vs Advertising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There is an advertising revolution underway and markets have shifted to convertising. What is it? How does it work? Who is doing it? When will you start?

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Convertising Vs Advertising

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    Presentation Transcript


    The Opposite Of Advertising

    Consumers Now Hold Your World In Their Hands

    the world of advertising

    The World Of Advertising….

    • Is Being Transformed….

    • 1 – 3% Return From Ads Is Standard

    • 96% of Online Ads Don’t “Click”

    • 98% of Sales Come From Referrals

    Josh Bernoff from Forrester said

    “Marketers don't understand channels where you have to

    talk and listen at the same time... The marketing

    industry's idea of a two-way communication is to put an

    800 number or a web address or in an ad and take


    yet advertisers keep spending

    Yet Advertisers Keep Spending

    • $1.5 Trillion Globally Online

    • $375 Billion Online In the U.S.

    • Off Line Spending Is Moving to Online

    Spending Rapidly

    While Spending Has Shifted

    The Methods Remain the Same!

    the market has shifted

    The Market Has Shifted

    • Are People Loyal to Brands Or Brands Loyal

    to People? Brands Have It Backwards!

    • How Do People Find Stuff When They Need or

    Want It? SEARCH: 245 Million Times A Day

    • Could Brands & Merchants Improve Their

    Relationship With the Marketplace?

    Relationships Are Formed From Experience

    • Why It’s Called Social Media Because the

    emphasis is SOCIAL Not Institutional


    what is social media

    What Is Social Media?

    Plain & Simple: It is Communications & Communicating

    The process of social media involves:

    • Use Of Technology

    • Creating and distributing valuable conversations

    • Engagement of conversations to appropriate and relevant


    • Methods and messages that create pull and engagement

    • Building and sustaining an audience (relationships) of


    • Continually feeding the audience with conversational

    currency; value they can use: Not Advertisements!

    advertisers use of social media

    Advertisers Use of Social Media

    The Corporate Executive Board said “Most companies are

    embracing social media—but too many are wasting their efforts

    through sloppy management

    More than 70% of companies are already using social media;

    many are planning to increase their spending on social media

    across the coming years. Whether for learning from customers,

    building their brands or a range of other hoped-for outcomes,

    companies are clearly diving in.

    Unfortunately, few have thought very hard about managing

    these initiatives. In a classic case or “ready, fire, aim,”

    companies are committing resources to social media efforts with

    very little process behind them.

    The result? A hodgepodge of unrelated initiatives, wheels re-

    invented and resources wasted.”

    roi from convertising

    ROI From Convertising?

    Can you create any

    kind of return on

    anything without


    The answer is NO!.

    Thus the way you get

    a “ROI” from social

    media is to learn how to

    communicate more

    effectively, efficiently,

    relationally and in

    human not advertising

    or marketing terms.

    people create convertising

    People Create Convertising

    People are conversing with people about life, their stuff,

    your stuff, and the currency exchange

    is stronger than any past advertising method.

    One Conversation is worth

    200 Ad Impressions! Get It?

    even the media agrees

    Even The Media Agrees

    "For companies, resistance to social media is futile.

    Millions of people are creating content for the

    social web.

    Your competitors are already there. Your customers

    have been there for a long time. If your business

    isn't putting itself out there, it ought to be.”

    the people are now in charge

    The People Are Now In Charge

    We the people are the new more powerful force and

    now we’ve been digitally enabled to find what we

    want when we want it . We’re are learning from our

    friends, not the advertisers.

    convertising a new method

    Convertising: A New Method

    Learning “How to Use” Social Media

    • “What” Tools Of The Trade: Blogs, Twitter,

    Networks, YouTube and the list goes on and one

    • “How”: Learning "how" to effectively use social

    media isn't about the technology. The

    knowledge of "how" is a process of discovery that

    changes frequently. Knowledge isn't static and

    neither is human interest.

    convertising transactions

    Convertising Transactions?

    • Advertising was about “pushing” consumers into a


    • Convertising is about giving consumers the

    “freedom” (without intrusion) to transact


    • The tools and convenience to get what they want

    when they want it AND

    • Saving them time and money AND

    • Making the experience “social” SO

    • They will tell their friends about the experience

    changing the transaction

    Changing The Transaction


    •People Access Brands &


    •Gain Discounted Pricing

    •No Paper Coupons

    •WOM References

    •Markets of Affinity

    •Brands and Merchants

    Save Money

    •Total Digital Experience

    •Paperless & Seamless

    But Again How?

    with financial innovation

    With Financial Innovation

    Consumers can now get discounts, cash, rewards between each other

    and directly from brand merchants and all at the click of a mouse

    a social media card

    A Social Media Card….

    …..loaded with value that keeps on giving and

    is worth talking about again, again and again

    why is it different

    Why Is It Different?

    • Lowers Advertising Cost

    • Socially Acceptable and Assessable

    • Existing Cards Aren’t Enabled to Do What

    This Does

    • Driven by Innovative Integration: Finance+

    Conversations + Brand Merchants +

    Consumer Friendly + Affinity Groups =

    Something Never Before Offered

    why is it better

    Why Is It Better?

    • Because Pull Is Better Than Push

    • Because Convertising Is Cheaper Than


    • Because Awareness Comes From People Not


    • Because Digital Is Better Than Paper

    • Because It Is Time For An Advertising Revolution

    • Because “Social” Is Better Than “Ad”versity

    advertising or convertising

    Advertising or Convertising?

    • Social Media Is A Revolutionary Communications System

    • Advertising Is A Mass Media System

    • Communicating Is A Relational Dynamic

    • Advertising Is An Institutional Dynamic

    • Convertising Is A Recommendation

    • Advertising Is An Institutional Trick

    • Convertising Is Inexpensive

    • Advertising Is Expensive

    Which Is Relational & Logical?

    when will you

    When Will You …..?

    Now Is Always

    A Good Time

    To Start!

    Jay Deragon

    Social Media Strategist

    Thank You!