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how to store dried fruits properly n.
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How To Store Dried Fruits Properly PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Store Dried Fruits Properly

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How To Store Dried Fruits Properly
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How To Store Dried Fruits Properly

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  1. How To Store Dried Fruits Properly

  2. Having dried fruits available at home presents to the household members a different and healthy way of snacking. Introducing dried fruits to kids at a very early age can do wonders for their bodies and skins once they get older.

  3. Enjoying fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, oranges, kiwis and bananas can be a satisfying fill already. However, when off-peak season comes for your favorite fruit staples, it is time that you buy an ample amount of dried fruits ready so you can still munch on your favorite fruits even when finding them in the supermarket can be a little tedious.

  4. A dried fruit is a fruit that has underwent several processes of dehydration, therefore if mangoes, oranges or bananas have been dried, you are left with a rubbery, leathery yet sweet fruit treat in your hands. When these dried fruit varieties are processed, these are then stored inside mostly vacuum-sealed packages. However, what happens if you are not able to finish all the contents of your dried fruit snack pack? Where and most importantly, how will you store it to ensure that it stays fresh for the next day and the next few days after that?

  5. Especially if the dried fruits that you have come from other another country as a gift from travelling friends, you have to take note that dried fruits are best kept in room temperature. If the pack of dried fruits came all the way from a country in Southeast Asia, you have to realize that its exposure to heat and cold temperature changes due to transportation can be a major cause for its freshness.

  6. Keeping it at room temperature then can be a balance of the temperatures the pack of dried fruits has been exposed to. You can simply put your packs of dried fruit snacks on top of your kitchen counter or on a table in your dining hall. Do not keep your resealed dried fruit snacks inside the pantry or inside the cabinet as it may attract pests and cockroaches.

  7. Since it is prudent that organic treats such as dried fruits must be consumed immediately, putting it in a place where people in the household can instantly see it can ensure you that you won’t have to throw it into the trash can since it became stale. However, if it is generally humid in your area, you might want to put your dried fruits inside the refrigerator or freezer in tightly sealed containers for double safe keeping.

  8. Moreover, instead of resealing the pack of your dried fruits, it best to transfer it in a tightly-sealed container to keep moisture out. If dried fruit is exposed to more oxygen, it will definitely dry up too much and it won’t be as tasty and sweet as it used to be. Learn more about this through