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WebShop 2002, Longmont, CO August 7, 2002 Susan McLean – Andrew Allegra - Andy.Allegra@noaa. PowerPoint Presentation
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WebShop 2002, Longmont, CO August 7, 2002 Susan McLean – Andrew Allegra - Andy.Allegra@noaa.

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WebShop 2002, Longmont, CO August 7, 2002 Susan McLean – Andrew Allegra - Andy.Allegra@noaa. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WebShop 2002, Longmont, CO August 7, 2002 Susan McLean – Andrew Allegra - Andy.Allegra@noaa.

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  1. WebShop 2002, Longmont, CO August 7, 2002 Susan McLean – Andrew Allegra -

  2. Web Banner Sub Team: • Andrew Allegra (NODC) • Susan McLean (NGDC) • Steve Fleming (NCDC) NESDIS Web Team members: Marcus Ertle John Bradway Darrel Knoll David Ngo Sunny Salman Robert CareyForrest Gray Andre HammondKeshia SandersMaurice DulicCharlie VanceJason TaylorNancy MerckleKathy Moore Sylvia GraffCharles MacfarlandParmesh DwivediMarc Pulliam

  3. Why a “Corporate Web Identity”? NESDISOutreach Team formed with an objective of ensuring awareness of NESDIS activities and data. Outcomes desired: • Have more people aware of NOAA/NESDIS. • Increase customer satisfaction. • Growing constituents base. • Creation of NESDIS corporate image that enhances NOAA and easily locates web visitors within NOAA/NESDIS

  4. Goal: Increase user awareness of NOAA / NESDIS. Method: Implement a similar “look and feel” of corporate identity on main NESDIS web pages. (This immediately allows user to identify browsing “in NOAA” and associates contents with NESDIS).

  5. Outreach (Web Identity) Milestones 2nd Quarter – Identify NESDIS Operating Unit Homepages and Major Points of Entry - complete 3rd Quarter – Implement the NESDIS Web Corporate Banner – waiting for approval 4th Quarter – Redesign NESDIS headquarters website with new look and feel – will start in August 2002

  6. Timeline: • The Banner Sub Team was formed and collaborated on an approach and proposal…then presented to the ITAT Web Team for concurrence and additional direction. - Jan. 2002 • Milestone: Identified which NESDIS web pages will contain the Web Banner (homepages and “major points of entry”) – Feb. 2002 • Requirements list was compiled, and consensus on Web and Banner requirements reached – Mar. 2002

  7. Considerations: • Must be easy to implement and maintain • Must have minimal impact on web page real-estate while still accomplishing goal • Must be W3, 508, and DOC compliant • Should be visually appealing • Design should allow slight modification of banner on lower level pages for “Office” identity while still being obviously NOAA/NESDIS

  8. NESDIS Web Banner Requirements: 1. Banner location - at top of all NESDIS main points of entry, including all Office and Branch home pages and any other page the Office considers a main point of entry. 2. Banner will have SAME appearance on all pages. 3. Banner size - not to exceed 50 pixels in height and - not to exceed 15 kbytes in file size. 4. Must be W3C compliant. (At this time, this means background table images are not allowed). Current html level: version 4.01. 5. Must be Section 508 compliant – Accessible to persons with disabilities.

  9. NESDIS Web Banner Requirements – continued • Banner must “look good” with major browsers in a resizable window. Current browsers tested: - Netscape 4.x and 6.x - Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x - Minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 • Printed pages must appear as they did in the browser window without user intervention. (This means, any banner using a background table color or background table image does NOT meet the requirements).

  10. NESDIS Web Banner Requirements – continued • Banner should print with reasonable appearance and ease. • The top left side must have a recognizable NOAA icon. The icon need not be the official logo, BUT MUST be recognizable as NOAA. • Banner must include the text, “ NOAA” and “National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service.” And, include links to both the NOAA and NESDIS home pages.

  11. Additional Web page Requirements established by the ITAT Web Team 1.Link to the Privacy Statement must be clearly visible in the top part of the web page. It's exact placement can determined by the website author. 2. The first line in each html file should be the <doc> tag specifying the level of html with which the page is compliant. For example: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> 3. All web pages must meet the DOC “Best Practices” and “Web Policy” standards as described by the DOC Web Advisory Group.

  12. Timeline - continued • Held a banner making contest among the NESDIS Offices and voted for a winner - lateMar. / early Apr. 2002 • In the preparation for presentation, the Banner Team discovered problems with the winning design: • Unacceptable print quality • Inconsistencies in display • Not HTML (W3C) compliant (background image in table) • Entire Web Team concurred to redefine the requirements and we had another banner making contest. Any banners not meeting the requirements were thrown out. - Apr. / May 2002

  13. Timeline – continued This time, • Each candidate banner was tested for W3 and 508 compliance. • A tool was developed to see the various banners on each NESDIS homepage. - May 2002 • A new winner was determined by a vote. – Jun. 2002 • The winning banner and documentation was presented to the NESDIS CIO to obtain approval and move forward. - Jun. 2002 • The winning design…

  14. Logo links to NOAA Homepage Organizationalcomponent Text links to NESDIS Homepage (reflects which homepage you are visiting)

  15. Examples of the winning banner implemented on the Data Center Homepages: • NODC Homepage • NCDC Homepage • NGDC Homepage • Sample of subpage at NGDC

  16. What’s Next ? • After approval, we will start the implementation of the NESDIS banner. • Redesign of the NESDIS HQ Web pages. • New Directive – NOAA Web • NESDIS ITAT-Web Team has already started supporting the NOAA-wide effort for a NOAA Corporate Web “look and feel”. • NOAA Web Standards may be set. • NESDIS reps: Andrew Allegra, Susan McLean, & Steve Fleming

  17. DOC Web Policies: • Links to the DOC Home Page:The home page of every DOC organization shall identify that it is part of the Department of Commerce and link to the Department's homepage. • Links to Organizational Home Pages:Any home page maintained by or for a Department of Commerce organization shall include a navigational link to the home page of a higher level organization within its hierarchy. • Identification of Web Site Owner: All Department of Commerce organizations' Web pages shall identify the "Web site owner."

  18. DOC Web Policies continued: • Web Site Contact Information: Every Web site of a Department of Commerce organization shall provide an e-mail address for comments, inquiries and accessibility issues. • Domain Names:All Web sites of Department of Commerce organizations shall have .gov as the top level domain. • Web Site Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities: All Web sites of Department of Commerce organizations shall be designed to ensure that members of the public with disabilities, and Federal employees with disabilities, have access to, and use of, information and data that is comparable to the access and use available to persons who do not have disabilities, unless an undue burden would be imposed on the agency.

  19. DOC Web Policies continued: • Privacy of Visitors to DOC Web Sites:It is the policy of the Department of Commerce (DOC) to respect the privacy of visitors to Web sites of Department of Commerce organizations to the maximum extent possible, consistent with law. • Privacy Statements and Information Collection: Major points of entry and any page where information is collected on any Department of Commerce organization's Web site shall include a clearly identifiable link to the Privacy Statement, which shall be labeled either "Privacy Statement" or "Privacy Notice.“ • Persistent Cookies: It is the policy of the Department to prohibit the use of persistent cookies on Department of Commerce Web sites except where: there is a compelling need; there are appropriate safeguards in place; the use is personally approved by the Secretary of Commerce; and there is clear and conspicuous notice to the public.

  20. DOC Web Policies continued: • Annual Web Site Certification:The CIOs shall annually certify to the Department's CIO that all Web sites of their organization comply with the Department's Web policies, located at: • Content Management Policy:Web sites of Department of Commerce organizations shall be related to the mission, goals, and objectives of the Department and be subject to appropriate management controls. • Endorsement Disclaimer Policy: All Department of Commerce Web sites shall have a disclaimer stating that links to non-Federal Government Web sites do not imply endorsement of any particular product, service, organization, company, information provider, or content. Waiting – approval Waiting -- approval

  21. DOC Web Best Practices: • Identification of Content Source - If the source of the content of a Web page of a Department of Commerce organization is not the "Web site owner," the source of the content should be identified. • A process should be in place to support annual Web site certification so that as new Web sites are launched and existing Web sites are modified, ongoing compliance with Department Web site policies is maintained. • 508 Testing: All Department of Commerce organizations should establish a policy and procedures for testing their Web sites for compliance with the Accessibility Policy. • All Department of Commerce (DOC) organizations should use HTML title tags and appropriate meta tags to make their Web pages easier to find by Web search engines, and should consider submission to the major search engines.

  22. Contact Information: Susan NOAA-NESDIS-National Geophysical Data Center Andrew NOAA-NESDIS-National Oceanographic Data Center