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Animal Jam Secrets

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Animal Jam Secrets

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  1. Animal Jam Game Guide http://AnimalJamCodes.net/

  2. Informative fun is the name of the game in National Geographic’s Animal Jam. Animal Jam is the virtual version of the National Geographic Kids magazine, so you can expect the online game to be loaded with info about the environment and the natural world. Animal Jam aspires to provide a fun and protected environment that kids can explore while getting motivated to preserve the planet. National Geographic Global Media and Smart Bomb Interactive partnered to produce Animal Jam. • Animal Jam happens in the virtual world of Jamaa. Jamaa is a wonderful spot, but its animals are starting to disappear and the environment requires assistance. Jamaa has tropical locations and arctic locations, similar to the real world. Jamaa has mountainous locations, forests, deserts and seas. • A great deal of the adventure in Jamaa takes place in Jamaa Township. The key Township takes you to other locations within Jamaa. From Jamaa Township, you can go to locations like the Temple of Zios, Crystal Sands, Sarepia Forest, Coral Canyons and Mt. Shiveer. Jamaa Township is a shopping paradise; here you can spend your hard-earned gems on clothes, accessories, dens, furniture and also other items. Club Geoz, a lounge and events area, is also here.

  3. Exploration is a great way to see unique creatures and plants, along with land and water formations. You'll find handy buttons that float above fascinating stuff; just click on the button to view a short description or a fun fact. Players can explore at will, or they can stay at one place and do activities. Create houses (dens) for your pets, play arcade games, finish challenges or take part in the moderated chat room. • Players start on Animal Jam by making an animal avatar and selecting a name. After creating your character, you will be required to key in your age and birthday, as well as your parent’s email address. It’s free to play Animal Jam, however, specific features are just available to paid members. Members get access to exclusive Animal Jam animals, apparel, colors, pets, dens as well as other products.

  4. Like other online games, Animal Jam makes use of virtual money. The money is called gems, which are used to purchase items like clothes, decorations and furniture. You get a gem bonus simply by signing up as a player, but you’ll find that you require more. You can get extra gems by playing games, using special Animal Jam codes or by buying a paid membership. Each issue of the National Geographic Kids magazine features codes, and arcade games are located in several places of Jamaa. • The most effective way to get more gems (plus additional rewards) is by paying a regular membership fee. Members get exclusive codes, extra dens, brand new animals, newsletters and members-only items. The most affordable subscription is at $5.95 each month (with a 1,500 gem bonus). For $29.95, you get yourself a 6-month subscription plus 9,000 gems, and for $49.99, you get yourself a one-year membership as well as 25,000 gems. A major part of the charges goes to running the website. Part of the membership fee goes to the National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative, a project that seeks to halt the decline of wild lions.

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