the periodic table of elements n.
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The Periodic Table of Elements PowerPoint Presentation
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The Periodic Table of Elements

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The Periodic Table of Elements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Periodic Table of Elements
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  1. The Periodic Table of Elements

  2. Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space Everything in the universe that you can see is made up of some type of matter All matter is made of elements

  3. Element A pure substance (only one type of atom/particle) that cannot be separated into simpler substances 118 in 2012 98 can be found in nature Example: Carbon All others man-made in a laboratory Example: Einsteinium Each element is unique, but may share properties with other elements

  4. Discovering a Pattern In the 1860s no one had organized the known elements A pattern appeared when Dmitri Mendeleev arranged element cards in order of increasing atomic mass Elements with similar properties occurred in a repeating pattern

  5. 3 Categories of Elements Metals Non-metals Metalloids

  6. Metals Most elements are metals Located to the left of the zigzag line Most are solid at room temperature

  7. Non-Metals Located to the right of the zigzag line More than half are gases at room temperature

  8. Metalloids Border the zigzag line

  9. Each Square Includes … Atomic number (top left corner) Chemical symbol (same worldwide) Element’s name Atomic mass (below the element’s name)

  10. Decoding the Table Each row (left to right) is a period. There are 7. Each column (top to bottom) is a family/group. There are 18. Elements in the same family often have similar properties.