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Championing the Visual Artists and Entrepreneurship in Kansas City PowerPoint Presentation
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Championing the Visual Artists and Entrepreneurship in Kansas City

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Championing the Visual Artists and Entrepreneurship in Kansas City - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Championing the Visual Artists and Entrepreneurship in Kansas City
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  1. & • Championing the Visual Artists and Entrepreneurship in Kansas City

  2. Candle Building Virtual Tour Features and Benefits 1. 43,600 sq. ft. as is 2. Create over 100 new artist studios in the Crossroads Arts District 3. Add 7,000 sq. ft. rooftop event space and studio 4. Increase earned income for our already uniquely sustainable organization 5. Improved exposure for the artists 6. Foreclosure and down market makes this very high quality facility available at a low price 7. Modern Passenger elevator and freight elevator 8. Covered loading dock/stage 9. Computer server room 10. Brick and concrete structure is safer and cleaner 11. MUCH more energy efficient 12. Larger gallery with better exposure

  3. Entrepreneurship and Arts • Arts Incubator is successfully combining the Arts and Culture of Kansas City with fundamental business practices to create vibrant and successful artists and communities. • Recipient of the International 2010 Business Incubation Award in Liverpool, UK for Combining Entrepreneurship with Creativity and Culture • AIKC was instrumental in creating and growing the remarkably attended “First Friday’s” in the Crossroads Arts District, recently reported to be Missouri’s largest tourist attraction.

  4. “KC definitely does something right with their First Fridays.”

  5. Healthy Gentrification • Vibrant neighborhood to live, work, enjoy, learn, explore, show off, invest, and commune • Community of engaged artists, professionals and residents • Visitors and tourists creating commerce • Pedestrian oriented

  6. Unhealthy Gentrification • Over emphasis on property development while neglecting the artists, their sustainability and other cultural assets • Artists and galleries are priced out of the neighborhood • Diminishing the vibrant and culturally magnetic atmosphere • Local artist owned shops, coffee shops, haunts, and music venues start getting replaced by franchise businesses

  7. Maintaining our rich cultural tapestry will require intentional efforts. This vibrant, diverse, creative, economic, and social community is fueled by the Visual Arts in the Crossroads Arts District.

  8. Crossroads Arts District Galleries Not as many as there were a few years ago.

  9. Dollars and Sense

  10. Window of Opportunity • $ Economic Development Administration • * Up to $1.5 million Public Works Grant • * 1 to 1 matching dollars by March 1st $ State and Federal Historic Tax Credits *Federal credits up to 20% of total project *State credits up to 25% of total project $ Missouri Small Business Incubator Tax Credits * 50% match toward donors/investors of the project * Up to $250k contributed toward the project

  11. Current Bldg. vs. Candle High exposure Cool 18th St.

  12. Current Bldg. vs. Candle Entries

  13. Current Bldg. vs. Candle

  14. Current Bldg. vs. Candle

  15. Current Bldg. vs. Candle Event space views

  16. Current Bldg. vs. Candle Heating and A/C

  17. Current Bldg. vs. Candle Freight Elevators

  18. Current Bldg. vs. Candle X Passenger Elevator

  19. Thank you for being our first.