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Top Things you need to Know about Medicare PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Things you need to Know about Medicare

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Top Things you need to Know about Medicare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here few Things You Need to Know About Medicare. Being informed is the best way to avoid mistakes that can cost you money. With the right physical scheduling therapy software for proper documentation, and to make Medicare a more efficient process. For more visit on

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top things you need to know about medicare

Top Things you need to Know about Medicare

Going into retirement brings a slew of new topics to grapple with, and one of the most

maddening may be Medicare. We might want to consider talking about physical therapy

scheduling software to improve efficiency and help therapists simplify organizational processes

and even customize a solution for beneficiaries.

The combination of Medicare and physical therapy scheduling software is one of the most

intricate relationships that occur in the medical field. There is an array of information to

process and track, so your office gets paid — and that patient gets the necessary attention they

deserve — which makes it increasingly necessary for assistance as regards the paperwork that

goes on behind the scenes.

There is a mountain of patient data that must be collected, stored, and easy to find and sort

through for every patient. Practice management reporting makes it easy to get everything you

need when it comes to the patient's medical records, including saving scanned images and

documents, insurance information, demographics, the financial history of the patient, and


Most medical practice management reporting allows for easy input of the data as well as

providing other services, such as referral tracking, alerts, memos, tickler to-do lists, and the

ability to send e-mails to patients.

Having an idea when to enroll, what to enroll and what coverage will best suit you can be a

tough call. To help you go through all these in a quick manner, here are top things you need to

know about Medicare.

What is covered?

Medicare Part A entails the covering of hospital care and some forms of home healthcare.

Medicare Part B is medical insurance that pays for physician office visits and outpatient

services. With ​physical therapy scheduling software​, therapists can document their visit in a few

moments. The notes are automatically updated after each visit to ensure that they work with

the most current information because these

the most current information. Because these processes occur so effortlessly, therapists can

spend more time working with patients and less time filling out paperwork.

Medicare Part C is an alternative to the original Medicare by private insurance firms, often with

additional coverage restrictions. Medicare Part D is related to drugs, usually in return for an

additional premium.

How much will you pay?

Most employees pay 1.45 percent of their income in the Medicare system, and employers

match that amount. Self-employed persons contribute 2.9 percent of their earnings. The

incomes that exceed $ 200,000 for individuals and $ 250,000 for couples include an additional

0.9 percent tax.

The registration deadlines

You can enroll in Medicare during the seven months, starting three months before the month

you turn 65. The coverage can begin as early as the month of your 65th birthday. If you do not

enroll during the initial enrollment period, you could be charged higher premiums for the rest

of your life.

Premium amounts

Most people do not pay a premium when it comes to Medicare Part A. The standard Medicare

Part B premium was $ 104.90 in 2015, but the monthly fees were higher for those with

modified adjusted gross income that goes above $ 85,000 for individuals and $ 170,000 for

couples. Medicare Part D premiums vary consequent upon your chosen plan.

Other out-of-pocket costs

There is a $ 147 Medicare Part B deductible; you will then be charged 20 percent from the

Medicare-approved amount with no annual limit for most services on out-of-pocket costs.

Medicare Part A has a $ 1,260 deductible if you are in the hospital, and additional charges apply

if your stay in the hospital for more than 60 days.

Prescription drug coverage

retirees have the opportunity to choose between

Retirees have the opportunity to choose between an average of 30 Medicare Part D

prescription drug plans in their vicinity, each with different premiums, covered drugs, and

cost-sharing requirements. Prescription drug plans may change their covered drugs and costs

each year.

What's not covered?

Medicare naturally doesn't cover eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or dental care.

Medicare also won't pay for more than 100 days of long-term care, such as nursing home stays

or assisted living.

With the right ​physical scheduling therapy software for proper documentation, and to make

Medicare a more efficient process, beneficiaries have no cause to worry. In all of these, also

important is the practice management reporting that makes it a natural process for therapist

and other medical personnel alike.

Embrace ​physical therapy software and the whole Medicare process will be at your beck and