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CHINESE TABOOS. Ahmet Tuğrul AKKUŞ Ali GÜRKAYNAK. What is a taboo for you ?. Culture Religion Beliefs Lifestyle. You have no choice, you will eat it !. Meal served in bowls

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  2. What is a tabooforyou? • Culture • Religion • Beliefs • Lifestyle

  3. You have no choice, you will eat it! • Meal served in bowls • Findingyourselves eating four bowls of a meal and the Chinese people will go on saying “You are being polite, please eat this one as well.” • Leavinga little bit food on your plate

  4. Somecluesaboutwhatto do • remove your shoes when entering a Chinese home • present things to people with both hands, to show that what you’re offering is the fullest extent of yourself

  5. fill your companion’s tea cup when it’s empty, especially if your companion is older than you • be punctual. Being on time shows respect for others.

  6. BE MODEST! • Whenyouget a compliment, do not accept it. • Even do not say “Thankyou!”

  7. DON’TS • Don’tuseredink • Lettersforprotesting

  8. Don’tleavechopsticksupright • Don’t tap yourbowlwiththem

  9. Don’tpointoutsomeone’sfeet

  10. Don’tshakeyourfeet • Badluck

  11. Don’ttouchsomeone’shead

  12. Don’tgiveclockorbook as gift • Clock---attendingfuneral • Book---badluck

  13. Don’tmakepoliticalcommentsabout Mao

  14. Don’t be offendedwhenyou’reaskedifmarried

  15. Don’t pay attentiontoobjectthatsomeone has. • Theyfeelobligatedtogivetoyou

  16. Don’tusegoldorsilverfordecoration • Forspirutialrituals

  17. Don’ttrytoreachfor meal on thetable • Waitto be served

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