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The Power And Speed Of Digital Imaging PowerPoint Presentation
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The Power And Speed Of Digital Imaging

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The Power And Speed Of Digital Imaging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Power And Speed Of Digital Imaging. Digital or Conventional?. Vs. Top reasons to chose Digital: Image Detail. Top reasons to chose Digital: Image Detail.

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The Power And Speed Of Digital Imaging

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Presentation Transcript

Top reasons to chose Digital:Image Detail

Digital systems allow to capture much more detail compared to conventional radiography. Details of bone structure, soft tissues, anatomy and pathologies can be digitally enhanced and presented in the same image without having to re expose the patient.

top reasons to chose digital speed
Top reasons to chose Digital:Speed

Digital systems allow a faster workflow from patient positioning to availability of the image. Fast workflow plays a key role in multiple procedures (i.e. root canal, implant, full mouth series)

top reasons to chose digital archive retrieve
Top reasons to chose Digital: Archive/Retrieve

Digital systems simplify the storage, retrieval and transmission of patient images within and outside the practice network. Simple backup procedure improve the safety of the data allowing copies to be distributed on digital media to the patient and improving education

top reasons to chose digital dose reduction
Top reasons to chose Digital: Dose reduction

Digital systems work with a significant dose reduction compared with conventional film.

It is possible to generate an image with exposure times as fast as 80 ms, improving conditions for the practice personnel.

new generation sensor feature set
New generation sensor feature set
  • Extraordinary Image quality
  • Rounded corners for improved patient comfort
  • Simplified installation with direct USB 2.0 connection
  • Simplified use
feature set cont
feature set (cont.)
  • Extensive mechanical testing to ensure maximum reliability
  • Patented strain relief to ensure maximum cable flexibility
  • Repairable cable
  • Flexible installation (integrated/Stand alone)
feature set cont1
feature set (cont.)
  • Reduced Patient Dose – produces diagnostic images with 20% less exposure than the previous design
  • Low power USB consumption (<100 mA) which helps performance on laptops
  • Fluid resistant
Cable side housing + cable

Patented highly reliable cable output

Integrated Kevlar wire for further reliability


Electronic substrate

  • Ceramic material for improved performance
  • Proximity electronic

CMOS Image sensor

  • Patented technology with cut corners

Fiber Optic Face Plate (FOP)

  • Advanced image quality

CSI scintillator

- Optimized for resolution and low noise

Front side housing

  • Watertight soldered to cable side housing
  • Ultra sonic welding
patented cable output
Patented cable output

Kevlar wire

Located along the cable and attached at both sides

Internal strain relief

Specific shape to ensure cable attachment to casing and watertight sealing

cleaning and disinfecting
Cleaning and Disinfecting

The package is sealed against liquids and can be safely submerged into disinfectants.

the package
The Package
  • Carrying case
  • Positioning Kit
  • Software
  • Sensor holder
  • Manuals
  • Sheaths samples
progeny imaging
Progeny Imaging

Complete imaging suite

progeny imaging1
Progeny Imaging

Multiple image filters available

progeny imaging2
Progeny Imaging

Advanced measurements and annotation tools

progeny imaging3
Progeny Imaging

Customizable acquisition templates

progeny imaging4
Progeny Imaging

Integrated security tools

progeny twain
Progeny TWAIN

Allows integration in third party imaging software environment

rinn xcp ds fit included
RINN XCP-DS FIT included
  • Universal Positioning Kit
  • Accurate radiographic positioning
  • Reduced drawer and autoclave clutter
  • Easier positioning with fewer parts
  • I mproved collimator and cone head ring interface