how to have a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule l.
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How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule

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How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule
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  1. How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule Presented By: Sabrina Ryan, Coordinator of Greek Programs Anne Kowalski, Assistant First Year Coordinator

  2. Agenda • What does Healthy mean? • Why be Healthy? Benefits • Obstacles to becoming Healthy • How to be Healthy with Your Schedule • Healthy tips to take with you

  3. Motivation • This is not a “Get Slim Quick” Presentation, but a presentation on how to get healthy one day at a time. • None of your goals/ ideals of being healthy will work unless you motivate yourself

  4. What does Healthy Mean to You? “You have to expect things of yourself before YOU can do them.”

  5. Definition of Healthy • 1. possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality: a healthy body; a healthy mind. • 2. pertaining to or characteristic of good health, or a sound and vigorous mind: a healthy appearance; healthy attitudes. • 3. conducive to good health; healthful: healthy recreations. • 4. prosperous or sound: a healthy business. Healthy (n.d.) In Dictionary online. Retrieved January 11, 2009, from

  6. Why do you want to be Healthy? “To succeed… You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, and something to inspire you .”

  7. Why Be Healthy? • Function as you were intended to function • Energy to perform variety of activities! • Physically: your body should function without pain, discomfort, lack of capabilities • Emotionally/Mentally: function as it should without anxiety, depression or other malfunctions • What happens when you are not or do not feel healthy?

  8. Handout: 22 Reasons to be Healthy

  9. What are some goals that you have towards being healthy? “Face each day with the expectation of achieving good, rather than the dread of falling short.”

  10. Obstacles to Being Healthy • Time • Lack of access to resources/money • Lack of commitment • Don’t like it! • Don’t see results quickly!

  11. So…how can you incorporate Healthy living into your lifestyle? • Get Motivated! • Overcome the Obstacles • Do what you like! • Tips/Advice that works! “No matter how good you get you can always get better. That’s the exciting part.”

  12. 1st Step in Motivation: Schedule it in! Let’s look at your schedule! “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination.”

  13. EXAMPLE • Example of a Student Schedule

  14. Can you block out a time in your schedule to… • Get physically fit? • Working out: 1 hour • Examples: cardio, biking • Take a group class! • Find a local gym and put that money aside to pay for the membership- more likely to go! • Spiritual/mentally fit? • Yoga/Meditate • Religious Services/Involvement • Service Opportunities • Emotionally fit? • Take time to just be with you • On a long car ride • Sit and relax for at least 20 min a day

  15. Overcoming Those Obstacles… • Time: • Put it in your schedule! • Lack of Access to resources/money • Make it a priority • Put money aside for a gym membership • Lack of Commitment • Motivate yourself- pictures, group classes, goals • Don’t like it • Explore options- find out what you do like • Don’t do something JUST because you should, but also because you want to

  16. Eat This, Not That • Activity • Handout

  17. Handout: Tips on How to be Healthy “It is a tough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”

  18. Healthy Tips… • Be Motivated • It needs to be a priority • Know YOU- do/eat what you like • Develop goals and remind yourself • Get friends to join you • Be healthy because you feel better, not always to look better • Have fun

  19. Handout: Websites to Help track Nutrition

  20. Motivation… • Set goals! • Get support! • Don’t give up! • Succeed! •