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Soroptimist International

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Soroptimist International. Soroptimist International or the Americas. Quick Review. 1) Organizational Structure: Soroptimist International Federations: SIA – Americas SIE – Europe SIGBI – Great Britain SISWP – South West Pacific SIA: Golden West Region (GWR) : AZ, CA, NM, TX

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Soroptimist International

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soroptimist international
Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International or the Americas

quick review
Quick Review

1) Organizational Structure: Soroptimist International

Federations: SIA – Americas SIE – Europe SIGBI – Great Britain SISWP – South West Pacific

SIA: Golden West Region (GWR): AZ, CA, NM, TX

Districts: District 1(SI Corona belongs to this district)District 2 District 3 District 4

quick review3
Quick Review
  • 2) Soroptimist mission and core purpose:
    • To improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world.
  • 3) Soroptimist core values:
    • International goodwill and understanding
    • Volunteer action
    • Leadership development
    • Fellowship and diversity
quick review4
Quick Review

4) How many Soroptimist members around the world?

There are almost 100,000 Soroptimist in about 120 countries.

Soroptimist International of the Americas, which is part of Soroptimist International, has clubs in 19 countries and territories: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guam, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, United States and Venezuela.

quick review5
Quick Review

5) What does the word “Soroptimist: mean?

“Best for women”

quick review6
Quick Review
  • 6) Web sites and passwords:
  • a) to open the roster and the labels: sic)
  • b) (members only section)
          • User name: bestforwomen
          • Password: gwr@azcanmtx
  • c)
  • User Name: your email address (or your full name)
  • Password: your Soroptimist ID number (see roster)
spring conference 2007 summary
Spring Conference 2007 – summary


1) Soroptimist Programs:

In order to accomplish our goal, the organization sponsors several international programs. Our major service project:

Women’s Opportunity Awards  which assist women by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and job prospects.

spring conference 2007 summary 1 soroptimist programs
Spring Conference 2007 – summary 1) SOROPTIMIST PROGRAMS

Other programs include:

-Soroptimist club Grants for Women & Girls

-Soroptimist Workplace Campaign to End Domestic Violence

-Violet Richardson Award

-Making a Difference for Women Award

-Venture Clubs

-Soroptimist Disaster Relief Fund for Women and Girls

spring conference 2007 summary 1 soroptimist programs9
Spring Conference 2007 – summary 1) SOROPTIMIST PROGRAMS

International programs: (current program)

-Project Independence: Women Survivors of War  assisting women in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Rwanda, providing tools and resources to move the women from crisis and poverty into a civil society that promotes and protects peace, stability and self-sufficiency.

Each club also undertakes one or more of their own service projects that benefit women and girls.

spring conference 2007 summary 2 promoting the dream recruiting the next generation of soroptimists
Spring Conference 2007 – summary 2) PROMOTING THE DREAM: Recruiting the Next Generation of Soroptimists

2) Promoting the Dream: Recruiting the Next Generation of Soroptimists

As we should diversify and acknowledge generational differences, we should communicate differently to the various generations.


spring conference 2007 summary 3 public awarness
Spring Conference 2007 – summary 3) PUBLIC AWARNESS
  • 3) Public Awareness:
  • Invite the media to all our projects and fundraising events.
  • Use professionally prepared resources for news releases, pitch letters, PR modules, etc. (available on the SIA’s web site)
  • Publicize all our events (Press Releases, ads, etc.)
  • Have at least three club members who can quickly and confidently represent our club, give a presentation about our projects and what we do in the community, or serve as spokesperson to the media
  • Distribute brochures and advertisements
  • Every member is responsible to promote our club and our goals.
  • Give something to our guests, speakers, recipients, etc. so they can take back with them (Live your Dream pins, bookmarks, etc.) – Debbie Miller’s idea
spring conference 2007 summary 4 fund raising
Spring Conference 2007 – summary 4) FUND RAISING
  • 4) Fund Raising: (here are some of the ideas)
    • Partner with other organizations on fund-raisers and you will raise awareness in addition to funds.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for donations
    • Hold a special event on International Women’s Day
soroptimist individual giving options
SOROPTIMISTIndividual Giving Options
  • Laurel Society
  • Laurel Legacy
  • Memorials and Tribute Gifts
  • Matching Gifts