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Why is Georgia Making the change to CCGPS? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why is Georgia Making the change to CCGPS?

Why is Georgia Making the change to CCGPS?

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Why is Georgia Making the change to CCGPS?

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  1. Why is Georgia Making the change to CCGPS?

  2. Why is This Important for Students, Teachers, and Parents? College and work readiness Consistent expectations across the nation.

  3. Shifts in the CCGPS 6 Shifts in ELA/Literacy 6 Shifts in Mathematics Focus: learn more about fewer, key topics Build skills within and across grades Develop speed and accuracy Really know it. Really do it. Use it in the real world Think fast AND solve problems • Read as much non fiction as fiction • Learn about the world by reading • Read more challenging material closely • Discuss reading using evidence • Write non-fiction using evidence • Increase academic vocabulary

  4. ELA/Literacy Shift 1:Read as much non-fiction as fiction Student must… Parents can… Supply more non-fictions text Read non-fiction texts aloud or with your child Enjoy non-fiction text in front of your child • Read more non-fiction • Know the ways non-fiction can be organized • Enjoy and discuss the details of non-fiction

  5. ELA/Literacy Shift 2:Learn about the world by reading Students must… Parents can… Provide series of texts on topics of interest Find books that explain Discuss non-fiction texts and the ideas within the text • Learn more Science and Social Studies through reading • Use “primary source” documents • Learn more by using texts

  6. ELA/Literacy Shift 3:Read more complex material carefully Students must… Provide more challenging texts AND provide text they WANT to read and can read comfortably Know what is grade level appropriate Read challenging text with them Show that challenging text is worth reading and discussing Parents can… • Re-read • Read material at comfort level AND work with more challenging text • Break down text to understand • Handle frustration with text and keep reading

  7. ELA/Literacy Shift 4:Discuss reading using evidence Students must… Talk about text Ask for evidence in every day discussions/ disagreements Read aloud or read the same book and discuss with evidence to support conversation Parents can… • Find evidence to support their arguments • Form judgments • Become experts through reading • Discuss what the author is trying to do with the text

  8. ELA/Literacy Shift 5:Writing from Sources Students must… Parents can… Encourage writing at home Write “books” together and use evidence/details • Make arguments in writing using evidence • Compare multiple texts in writing • Practice writing well

  9. ELA/Literacy Shift 6:Academic Vocabulary Students must… Parents can… Read often and constantly with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and children Read multiple books about the same topic Let your children see you reading Talk to your children; Read to your children; Listen to your children; Sing with your children • Learn the words that they can use in college and career • Read more to develop a larger vocabulary

  10. Mathematics Shift 1:Focus: Learn more about less Student must… Parents can… Know what the priority work is for your child at their grade level Spend time with your child on priority work Ask your child’s teachers about their progress on priority work • Spend more time on fewer concepts

  11. Mathematics Shift 2:Skills Across Grades Students must… Parents can… Be aware of what your child struggles with last year and how that will affect learning the this year Advocate for your child and ensure that supports are given for gaps in learning • Keep building on learning year after year

  12. Mathematics Shift 3:Speed and Accuracy Students must… Parents can… Push children to know/memorize basic math facts Know all of the fluencies your child should have at the different grade levels • Spend time practicing lots of problems on the same concept

  13. Mathematics Shift 4:Know it/Do it! Student must… Parents can… Notice whether your child really knows why the answer is what it is Advocate for the time your child needs to learn key math skills Provide time for your child to work hard with math at home Try to know the math your child needs to know • Understand why the math works. Make the math work. • Talk about why the math works • Prove that they know why and how the math works

  14. Example Common Core Performance Task: 5th Grade Math Stuffed with Pizza John and Daniel are stuffed with pizza. John ate one-fourth of a cheese pizza, three-eighths of a pepperoni pizza, and one-half of a mushroom pizza. Daniel ate five-eights of a cheese pizza, and the other half of the mushroom pizza. All of the pizzas were the same size. John says he ate more pizza than Daniel because Daniel did not eat any pepperoni pizza. Daniel says they each ate the same amount of pizza. Who is correct? Show all of your mathematical thinking.

  15. Example Annotated Student Work By drawing a diagram, the student is able to make sense of the problem. The student knows to find equivalent fractions to help solve the problem. The student models with mathematics. The diagram is accurate, labeled and a key is provided.

  16. PARCC Timeline SY 2012-13 First year pilot/field testing and related research and data collection SY 2013-14 Second year pilot/field testing and related research and data collection SY 2014-15 Full administration of PARCC assessments Summer 2015 Set achievement levels, including college-ready performance levels SY 2010-11 Launch and design phase SY 2011-12 Development begins

  17. Additional Resources • Forsyth County Schools link to Parent CCGPS information • PTA Parent’s Guide to Student Success

  18. Report Card Changes • Academic Scale of 1-4 in grades K-5 • 4-Complete Standard Mastery • 3-Consistent Achievement toward Standard Mastery • 2-Moderate Achievement toward Standard Mastery • 1-Limited Achievement toward Standard Mastery • Due to changes in rubrics and expectations, there may be more students receiving a 1 or 2 than in the past, with the goal of moving toward a 3 or 4.

  19. Thank You! We look forward to an amazing 2012-2013 School Year!