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Student To Scholar: Growing as a Professional in Graduate School PowerPoint Presentation
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Student To Scholar: Growing as a Professional in Graduate School

Student To Scholar: Growing as a Professional in Graduate School

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Student To Scholar: Growing as a Professional in Graduate School

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  1. NeeteSahaCasey Myers Higher Education Curriculum & Instruction August 19, 2014 Student To Scholar:Growing as a Professional in Graduate School

  2. You’re beginning graduate school... Watch: Discuss: What advice have you received so far from peers, colleagues, mentors or professors/advisors already?

  3. Purpose This session will provide information/advice/resources for the emerging scholar, focusing on developing and maintaining professional relationships across three major areas: • Department • University • Discipline

  4. Communicating and Collaborating in your Department Advisor, Faculty, Committee, & Peers Advisors • Mentoring role • Authority • Personal vs. professional relationships • Delicate balance • Research: Topics Publications (i.e. manuscripts, book reviews, op-ed etc.) Scholarly Journals (i.e. impact factor, peer reviewed) • Collaborations

  5. Faculty • Personal vs. professional relationships • Research & Collaborations • Authorship Committee members • Selecting your committee members • Research & Collaborations Peers • Future colleagues • Research & Collaborations • Reaching out for advice

  6. Sourcing and Securing Resources at the University Level Graduate Studies • Funding opportunities (grants, awards, fellowships) • Socials and networking • Graduate Professional and Academic Development (GPAD) Graduate Student Senate (GSS) • Travel(international and domestic) Funding • Research Awards • Organization funding • Representation • Research Symposium

  7. Faculty Professional Development Center (FPDC) • PD focused around development of teaching and teaching/learning related scholarship University Libraries • Your subject/research librarian = your BFF

  8. Establishing yourself in your discipline Joining and participating in your state/national organizations and governing bodies (discipline specific) • Grad student membership and funding • Grad student programs, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) • Conferences and professional institutes Joining and participating in trans-disciplinary organizations • Often related to research methodologies, philosophical approaches, etc. • Mentorship outside of your field (broad mentoring) • Connecting with diverse scholars and student interests • Conferences, SIGs, and professional institutes *Both offer chances to serve on committees, including potential for journal/grant review experience

  9. Making the most of conferences/institutes • Introductions and asking questions • Functions/dinners • Connecting and following up Reaching out • Make the most of academic “families” • Reference potential partnerships • General rule: Follow-up once and then let it go Establishing a web presence • The Google Test • Your updated CV, first drafts of your work, or anything else to help colleagues and potential employers understand your research, teaching, and skill profiles.

  10. Discussion Hopefully you “love what you do”, but graduate school is also a means to an end (a more advanced degree and career, etc.) that takes planning and intention. Consider: “As a graduate student, your fate is in your own hands, and every decision you make—including whether to go to graduate school at all, which program to go to, which adviser to choose, and how to conduct yourself while there—can and should be made with an eye to the job you wish to have at the end.”(Kelsky, 2012) What professional concerns do you have as you begin your graduate school journey?

  11. Resources The Chronicle of Higher Education Inside Higher Ed • Graduate Studies • • Graduate Student Senate • • University Libraries • • Faculty Professional Development Center •