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Take out a piece of paper, set it up for Cornell Notes, and give it the title: 4 Challenges for Finishing High School. Quick!. Without thinking about it too much, write down the first word that you think of in response to each of the following: Teacher Math Homework Report Card Tests.

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Take out a piece of paper, set it up for Cornell Notes, and give it the title:4 Challenges for Finishing High School

Without thinking about it too much, write down the first word that you think of in response to each of the following:

  • Teacher
  • Math
  • Homework
  • Report Card
  • Tests
challenge 1 i m stressed out
Challenge 1: “I’m Stressed Out!”
  • Stress does not end with school
    • Bills
    • Family
    • Work
    • In-laws, etc.
sharpen the saw
Sharpen the Saw
  • Sharpen the Saw – means to replenish (recharge) the four parts that make up you.
  • Body (physical)
  • Heart (relationships)
  • Mind (mentally)
  • Soul (spiritually)

How well do you sharpen your saw?

walking zombies
Walking Zombies
  • Sleep deprivation contributes to depression, lower grades, accidents, and emotional problems.

1. Get what you need

    • Most teens need to sleep 8.5-9.25 hours a day, but only get 7.

2. Go to bed early, get up early.

    • Every hour of sleep before

midnight is worth two hours after.

3. Be somewhat consistent

    • Binge sleeping will mess you up

4. Relax before bed


How much sleep do you normally get?

What do you do to relax?

Have you noticed the effects sleep can have on your performance?

What can keep you from getting enough sleep?

challenge 2 there s not enough time
Challenge 2:“There’s Not Enough Time!”

“If only I had an extra hour every day!”

= 7 more hours a week

What could you get done with that much time?

Most of us probably waste that much time each week doing unimportant activities.

time wasters
Time Wasters


I watch _____ hours of TV each week.

Average teen watches 21 hours a week!

PTW (Personal Time Waster)

Video Games, Shopping, IM, Phone

My PTW is ______________.

learn to say no with a smile
Learn to Say “No” With a Smile
  • Do I really need…

to have a part time job?

to play two sports?

to be in every club?

to play so many instruments?

to go to every party?

to do every activity at church?

stop procrastinating
Stop Procrastinating!

The remedy for procrastination is …

“Just do it!”

The best way to get in this habit is to use a planner!

You’ll know what you have coming up, and you will have a great feeling when you start crossing off homework, projects, etc!

challenge 3 i just don t care
Challenge 3: “I Just Don’t Care”

I just don’t feel motivated to get out of this well, so I’m not going to try.

two types of motivation
Two Types of Motivation

External Motivation – doing something because there is a reward or consequence.

Examples: getting good grades because your parents will buy you a car, working hard to be a good athlete to make your dad proud.

Internal Motivation – doing something because you see value in it.

Examples: getting good grades because you want to go to college, working hard to be a good athlete because you enjoy competition and achievement.


Develop a hobby that you really love

Sign up for an elective class you have always wanted to take

Get involved in fun and challenging extracurricular activities at school like a club or sport

Apply for a summer job or internship in a field that excites you

Take a class from a teacher everyone says is the best

Start your own business

Travel, at home or abroad

4 questions take out a piece of paper label with your name date period and title
4 QuestionsTake out a piece of paper, label with your name, date, period, and title.

1. What are some of your hobbies?

2. Is there an elective class that you have taken that you really enjoyed or an elective you know you want to take?

3. What school activities are you involved with?

4. Where have you traveled? Where would you like to travel?

challenge 4 i m just no good at school
Challenge 4: “I’m Just No Good At School”

School doesn’t address all of our abilities.

There are four main types of intelligence.

iq mental intelligence
IQ (mental intelligence)

Our ability to analyze, reason, think abstractly, and use language

Does well at math, science, English, etc.

Viewed by others as “smart” or “nerdy”

eq emotional intelligence
EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Lots of intuition, can read social situations, and can get along with people

Joins clubs, student government. Asked to plan parties and events.

Viewed by others as “charming” or “manipulative”

sq spiritual intelligence
SQ (spiritual intelligence)

Longing and capacity for vision, value, and meaning.

Serves other people.

Seen by others as “kind” or “a sucker”

pq physical intelligence
PQ ( physical intelligence)

Learn through bodily kinesthetic means, like physical sensations and touching

Seen by others as “athletic” or “jocks”

take out a scratch piece of paper
Take out a scratch piece of paper

Brainstorm: Make a list of at least five tips for making good grades.

Discuss: Share your ideas in groups of five. After everyone has shared their lists, come up with the best five tips and write them on your paper.