the mandala n.
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The Mandala PowerPoint Presentation
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The Mandala

The Mandala

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The Mandala

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  1. The Mandala Geometry and Art

  2. What is a mandala? It is a symbol fromBuddhist and Hindu culture. It represents the Universe. It is usually made using sand. Both Hindus and Buddhists holy men and women use it to help with their meditation.

  3. Making a Mandala: The Buddhist Way Watch a video of the making and unmaking of a Mandala by Buddhist monks: (about 4.5 mins) What did the monks have to do first before doing the pattern and colouring of the mandala? Why do you think the monks have to do this? Why do you think the monks unmake the mandala in the end?

  4. Features of a Mandala Symmetry: Identical reflection of two sides. Can you name several objects with symmetry? What is the opposite of symmetry? 2. Repeated Patterns

  5. M is for… M is for Mandala! M is also for Mathematics! To make a Mandala, you must use a type of Maths called… GEOMETRY. Geometry deals with points, lines, shapes and space.

  6. Geometry: Circles

  7. Your Art Project: CD Mandala You need: CD Ruler Protractor Pencil & Eraser Colour Markers

  8. Step by Step Guide Trace out one big and one small circle using container lids.

  9. Step by Step Guide: Diameter Paste the CD at the centre of the page. Mark the middle of the CD with a dot. Draw a line across the dot to make the diameter.

  10. Step by Step Guide Use a protractor to mark every 30 degrees. (30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 degrees) Do the same with the bottom half.

  11. Step by Step Guide Draw the remaining diameters using the 30 degree marks which you just did.

  12. Step by Step Guide Draw a simple pattern using simple lines. Repeat the pattern.

  13. Step by Step Guide Use a ruler and extend the diameter to reach the third circle.

  14. Step by Step Guide Continue your simple pattern on the second and third layer.

  15. Step by Step Guide Outline everything with black marker and colour your patterns using coloured markers.

  16. Mandalas by other young artists

  17. Do you remember? What is a mandala? What does it represent? What are the features of a mandala?