synthesizing and preparing to present n.
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Synthesizing and Preparing to Present

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Synthesizing and Preparing to Present - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Synthesizing and Preparing to Present. Microsoft, 2011. 10 th Grade College GASP Project. Review. We’ve completed Steps 1& 2 for the College GASP Project Gathering Information Analyzing Information The next step is synthesizing the information – putting it all together.

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synthesizing and preparing to present

Synthesizing and Preparing to Present

Microsoft, 2011


College GASP Project

  • We’ve completed Steps 1& 2 for the College GASP Project
    • Gathering Information
    • Analyzing Information
  • The next step is synthesizing the information – putting it all together.
today s objective
Today’s Objective
  • To synthesize the information you’ve collected to ensure you adequately answer the questions you chose to answer.
  • To synthesize the information you’ve collected with your partner’s information to ensure you’ve answered all of the questions presented.
  • Prepare to present!
synthesize your own information
Synthesize Your Own Information
  • The first step is to go through your notes and organize them by the question answered.
  • The second step is to look through the notes and see which information should be included and which information should be eliminated.
synthesize your own information1
Synthesize Your Own Information
  • Take some time on your own now to synthesize and reorganize your own notes and information.
  • Be prepared to share what you’ve learned with your partner
  • When you move your notes from one place to another, be sure to add a citation to the notes.
  • In ( ) after the information, put the author’s last name or the company/organization hosting the site and the year it was created or updated.
    • Example: Electrical Engineers work to develop and repair electrical equipment (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011).
  • This helps you keep track of where your information came from
putting it all together
Putting It All Together
  • Pair up
  • Share what you’ve learned and the questions you’ve answered with your partner
  • Decide together which information to include
  • Check off the questions on your assignment sheet to make sure you’ve answered them all
presentation rubric
Presentation Rubric
  • Take out your College GASP Project Overview and Rubric sheet
  • You will be orally presenting the information you’ve gathered, as well as making a visual presentation.
  • Let’s read through the rubric together.
questions to consider
Questions to Consider
  • As you and your partner prepare your presentation consider the following questions:
    • Who is your audience?
      • How will you alter your presentation to suit your audience?
    • What are your main points/ideas/solutions?
      • What support do you have for those points?
      • What will be the best way to present your points
questions to consider1
Questions to Consider
  • What medium will you use to present your points?
    • Power Point
    • Written report
    • Pamphlet
    • Website
    • Newsletter
    • Performance
    • Video
    • Poster
  • What visuals will enhance your presentation?
    • Charts
    • Graphs
    • Pictures
    • Photographs
    • Video
questions to consider2
Questions to Consider
  • Who will work on which part of the presentation?
  • Who will present each portion of the presentation?
    • How will you divide up the presentation?
begin working
Begin Working!
  • Form your pairs.
  • Finish up gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing.
  • Discuss the questions to consider for your presentation.
  • Develop an action plan: Who will do what for the presentation?
  • Begin working on the presentation!
before you leave
Before You Leave
  • Discuss what you accomplished this class
    • What did you accomplish?
    • What do you still need to work on?
    • What will each of you do at homebefore the next class?
      • Will you meet to finish your project and practice?
  • Add a to-do to your to-do list in Naviance Family Connection
next class
Next Class
  • Presentations!
  • Bring your presentation and be prepared to present to the class.
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