using the library for your graduation project finding books n.
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Using the Library for your Graduation Project: Finding Books PowerPoint Presentation
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Using the Library for your Graduation Project: Finding Books

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Using the Library for your Graduation Project: Finding Books - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Library for your Graduation Project: Finding Books. Introduction.

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  • For your graduation project you were able to select the topic that you were interested in, so that should make writing your paper a little easier. You also are very lucky that you get to do research and include it in your paper so you don’t have to make up seven pages worth of ideas yourself. The writing should be in your own words, of course! If you have good research it makes writing a good paper much, much easier.
  • Your graduation project paper must be a RESEARCH PAPER and that you must consult the articles, reports and books written by others who are a specialist in your subject area. You get a better grade on your paper if you use lots of up to date, accurate and authoritative sources and cite them in MLA style.

This is a section of the graduation project rubric, or scoring guide used to grade your paper.

The library has books and online resources for you.

  • Primary Sources-First Hand Information
    • Interview an expert
    • Create a survey on your topic
    • Journal or Log of your experiences
    • Photographs or video of an event
  • Secondary Sources
    • Usually books or journal articles
    • Provide “second hand” information
    • Analyze and interpret data
finding books
Finding Books
  • To find books use the library’s catalog.
  • Go to the school’s web site at and click on the left side where it says Library Media Center
finding books2
Finding Books
  • To search for books scroll to the second square box labeled Library Links and Online Catalog. Then click Western Alamance High School.
finding books3
Finding Books
  • From the search screen you will notice there are many searching options. You will also notice we have a small library. Think of your topic question. You will not be able to type it in this box and find a book. Think about words related to your topic question.
  • What type of education and training is required in order to become a Veterinarian?
finding books4
Finding Books
  • Let’s brainstorm some words that we could use for searches. These are called keywords.
  • Education
  • Veterinarian
  • Vet
  • Veterinary Science
  • Animal Care
finding books5
Finding Books
  • Let’s type the words into the “Find” box.
finding books6
Finding Books
  • Let’s discuss our results.
finding books7
Finding Books

Let’s discuss where you would find these books, plus general encyclopedias in the library.

finding books8
Finding Books
  • During this week of graduation project research we aren’t checking out books. You can use them here and then leave them on the cart. To cite your book you will need:
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • City
  • Year

Last Name, First Name. Title. City Published: Publisher, Year Published. Print.

finding books9
Finding Books
  • May Memorial Library has an online catalog where you can search for books at
  • They are open Monday-Thursday from 9-9. Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 2-5.
  • To get a library card you should bring ID and a parent if you are under 17.
finding books10
Finding Books
  • Ask for help if you need it and good luck with your research!