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Start2Farm. Finding help to get started. Information Conundrum. If we live in the Information Age, why can’t I ever find the information I need?. Role of Information Professionals ( aka Librarians ). Gather Information Resources Organize Information Evaluate Information

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Finding help to get started

information conundrum
Information Conundrum

If we live in the Information Age, why can’t I ever find the information I need?

role of information professionals aka librarians
Role of Information Professionals (aka Librarians)
  • Gather Information Resources
  • Organize Information
  • Evaluate Information
  • Make Information Accessible

Start2Farm is a special project of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). Grant# 2009-49400-05879

the two reasons for start2farm
The two reasons for Start2Farm
  • To create a clearinghouse of available training and services for beginning farmers and ranchers. The clearinghouse is what you are accessing when you use
  • To provide a national conference for beginning farmers and ranchers.
what s in it pt 1
What’s in it? Pt 1

Programs and Resources

  • Federal Agencies
  • Cooperative Extension
  • State Departments of Ag
  • Non-Profits
  • Community Based Organizations
what s in it pt 2
What’s in it? Pt 2

Education and Training


Technical Services


using the site
Using the Site

The two main features of the home page are the Thinking About Farming and Already Farming buttons. To start using the site simply click the one that applies to you.

For more information about searching the site please access the ‘Using the site’ tutorial located in the site help section.

thinking about farming
Thinking About Farming

If you are Thinking About Farming, click the first button and take a minute and read through the New to Farming tutorial. It is a brief guide to some important considerations when starting a farm.

At the end, you will have the option of returning to the topics pages to find more in depth resources.

already farming
Already Farming

The Already Farming button will take you to our topics pages where you can browse through our most requested topics to find resources.

already farming topic lists
Already Farming- Topic Lists

You may use the options menu on the left side to return to one of the broader categories.

searching with keywords
Searching with keywords

To search the site, simply type a keyword into the search box located in the upper right hand corner of your screen and click enter.  

search results
Search Results

Once you have entered a term, a list of programs and resources will appear that are relevant to your search term.

narrowing search results
Narrowing Search Results

Once you receive results, you will notice that there are options for narrowing your search on the left hand side of the page.  

searching in your area
Searching in your area

To reorder your search results by area, enter your zip code and click ‘Search’.   

narrowing by category
Narrowing by category

You may also use the categories to narrow your search.  

Click on a category to open the available options and select the topics that are closest to your criteria.  

Then click ‘search’.

search string
Search String

Any search criteria you select will appear at the top of the left hand column.  

To deselect search criteria simply click the ‘X’ next to the term.

The deselected term will disappear from your search string and you will retrieve a new set of results based on the criteria that are still selected.

trouble shooting pt 1
Trouble Shooting pt 1
  • If you get too few or no results, deselect some of your search criteria.  
  • If you get too many results, select more criteria.

Please note-

    • The chance of one program or resource fulfilling all of your needs is limited. It is more likely you will need to use multiple programs and resources to meet your needs.  Adding too many search terms will limit the results of your search.
    • Although some programs are available nationally many are only available at state or local levels. Not all programs are available in all areas.  
    • Many new farmer and rancher programs are still being developed.  Start2Farm continually adds resources to the site so please check back often.
trouble shooting pt 2
Trouble Shooting pt 2

1) The answer may not be

where you expect it to be

2) Talk to someone


For more help using programs and resources found on Start2Farm contact us: