1 st nine week exam review n.
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1 st nine week exam - review PowerPoint Presentation
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1 st nine week exam - review

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1 st nine week exam - review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 st nine week exam - review
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  1. 1st nine week exam - review Questions 1-15

  2. What type of care is provided by an occupational therapist? • Help patients with injuries/disabilities develop, recover, and improve the skills needed for daily living and working. • Increase muscle strength after surgery • Improve nutrition • Select best job prospects (ie salary)

  3. Which job would be best for a healthcare student who wants to use touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. • Pharmacy technician • Home health aide • Dental Assistant • Massage therapist

  4. What is the purpose of a diagnostic occupation? • Develop wellness programs • Help patients regain walking ability • Determine the cause of an illness • Determine the cost to treat illness

  5. What are the primary responsibilities of public health departments? • Conduct research on disease • Conduct research on the cost of disease and treatment of poor • Inspect and regulate services that affect public health • Evaluate hospital care

  6. Principles of chemistry in the 1800s resulted in ….. • Better understanding of body functions such as digestion • Understanding of anatomy • Understanding of disease transmission like the Black Plague • Disinfectant production

  7. The development of antibiotics and immunization has resulted in what? • Increase in life span over the last 100 years • Decrease in life span over the last 100 years • Better cost control • Decrease government regulation

  8. Recommendations for diet and exercise to improve overall health are what type of recommendations? • Wellness • Illness • Legal • Governmental

  9. Why are ethical dilemmas so difficult? • They always involve life and death • The legal answer is obvious but difficult to implement • Many situations lack clear cut answers • They also interfere with religious freedom

  10. If an institution has an ethics practice you do not agree with, you should: • Talk with your supervisor privately about your concerns • Tell the newspaper • Ignore the practice and do what you want • Ask patients and coworkers their opinions

  11. What is the meaning of the term “euthanasia” • Withdrawing ventilator assistance with the physician’s order • Taking deliberate action to result in someone’s death • Providing Emergency Treatment • Invoking the Good Samaritan Act

  12. Which of these is NOT a component of a legal contract? • An offer or action that starts the process of forming a contract • The signed document outlining the terms of the agreement • The agreement of both parties to enter the contract by doing something specific • The exchange between the parties of something of value

  13. What is a mandated reporter? • Someone who upholds the court’s reputation • The act that requires healthcare workers to report all suspected child abuse • The law that says parents must be confronted by healthcare workers if there is suspicion of abuse • The law that says the healthcare record must note any abuse but it is not required to be reported unless death results