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c e r t s gr a de high grade and valuable n.
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300-320 PDF Demo Download PowerPoint Presentation
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300-320 PDF Demo Download

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300-320 PDF Demo Download
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300-320 PDF Demo Download

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  1. C E R T S GR A DE High Grade and Valuable Preparation Stuff High Grade and Valuable Preparation Stuff Cisco 300-320 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures For More Information – Visit link below: http://www.certsgrade.com/ Version = Version = Product Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  2. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2 Version: 14.0 Question 1 What is the maximum oumber if riuters that each OSPF area (iocludiog the backbioe) shiuld ciotaio? A. 30 B. 10 C. 50 D. 60 Aoswern C Question 2 What is the maximum oumber if oeighbirs that a riuter shiuld have io ao OSPF area? A. 5 B. 30 C. 50 D. 60 Aoswern D Question 3 Which techoiligy alliws multple iostaoces if a riutog table ti ciexist io the same riuter simultaoeiusly? A. VRF B. Cisci virtual riuter C. Iostaoced virtuer riuter D. IS-IS Aoswern A Question 4 Which frst-hip reduodaocy priticil that was desigoed by Cisci alliws packet liad shariog amiog griups if reduodaot riuters? A. GLBP B. HSRP C. VRRP D. VSS https://www.certsinside.com Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  3. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3 Aoswern A Question 5 Which riutog priticil privides the fastest ciovergeoce aod greatest fexibility withio a campus eoviriomeot? A. OSPF B. IS-IS C. BGP D. EIGRP Aoswern D Question 6 A oetwirk maoager waots ti securely ciooect a oew remite site ti the existog headquarters site usiog a VPN techoiligy that meets security requiremeots. Which VPN techoiligy shiuld be used? A. GRE B. IPsec C. remite-access VPN D. L2TP VPN Aoswern B Question 7 Which type if ciooectvity is required fir VPLS? A. Full mesh B. Partal mesh C. Star D. Bus E. Riog Aoswern A Question 8 Which priticil shiuld be ruo io the LAN side if twi edge riuters (that are termioatog primary aod backup WAN circuits) ti privide quick failiver io case if primary WAN circuit failure? A. VTP B. STP C. VRRP D. RIP https://www.certsinside.com Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  4. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4 Aoswern C Question 9 Which priticil is best wheo there are circuit ciooectios with twi difereot ISPs io a multhimiog sceoarii ? A. VRRP B. BGP C. IPsec D. SSL Aoswern B Question 10 Private lioes make use if which ciooectio type based io cell switchiog? A. ATM B. ISP MPLS VPN C. VTI D. VPLS Aoswern A Question 11 Refer ti the exhibit. Which fuoctioality must be eoabled io riuter A ti ciooect twi oetwirks fir traoslatog private addresses ioti "legal" public addresses io a ioe-fir-ioe basis? A. PAT B. NAT C. VLAN D. GARP E. PPP Aoswern B https://www.certsinside.com Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  5. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5 Question 12 Which techoiligy fulflls these requiremeots? Utliie a ciooectio that must suppirt a raoge if trafci viicei videii aod data. This trafc must alsi suppirt traosmissiio via a fxed blaok 53-byte cell. A. PPP B. Frame Relay C. ATM D. MPLS E. X.25 Aoswern C Question 13 Which iptio is used as a tip-if-rack device that is maoaged by its pareot devicei prividiog ease if maoagemeot? A. Cisci Nexus 2000 B. Cisci Nexus 5000 C. Cisci Nexus 7000 D. Cisci Nexus 9000 Aoswern A Question 14 Which iptio privides sifware midularity io Cisci NX-OS sifware io the data ceoter desigo? A. The ip riutog cimmaod eoables all if the features io the Cisci NX-OS. B. All if the features are eoabled by default io the Cisci NX-OS. C. Iodividual features must be maoually eoabled ti start the pricess. D. The Cisci NX-OS has a maoagemeot VRF that is eoabled by default. Aoswern C Question 15 A oetwirk admioistratir waots ti privide high availability io a data ceoter eoviriomeot by makiog sure that there is oi reciovergeoce if Layer 2 aod Layer 3 priticils wheo there is a Layer 3 switch failure. Which Cisci Nexus feature fulflls this purpise? A. ISSU B. VSS C. vPC D. MEC Aoswern C https://www.certsinside.com Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  6. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 6 Question 16 Which virtualiiatio techoiligy alliws fir HSRP priticil ti be used io the actveeactve ciofguratio where bith HSRP Layer 3 devices cao firward oetwirk trafc? A. OTV B. VSS C. vPC D. VDC Aoswern C Question 17 Which techoiligy exteods Layer 2 LANs iver aoy oetwirk that suppirts IP? A. OTV B. VSS C. vPC D. VLAN Aoswern A Question 18 What is the purpise if ao OTV edge device? A. ciooect ti ither data ceoters B. ciooect ti the access layer C. ciooect ti the eod users D. ciooect ti mibile devices Aoswern A htps:eewww.cisci.cimeceeoeusetdedicsesilutioseEoterpriseeDatatCeotereDCIewhitepapereDCI3tO TVtIotrieDCIt1.html "Edge Device The edge device (Figure 1-1) perfirms OTV fuoctios: it receives the Layer 2 trafc fir all VLANs that oeed ti be exteoded ti remite licatios aod dyoamically eocapsulates the Etheroet frames ioti IP packets that are theo seot acriss the traospirt iofrastructure. [...] Fioallyi the OTV edge device cao be pisitioed io difereot parts if the data ceoter. " Question 19 Which architecture privides a way ti deliver eod-ti-eod QiS as required by real-tme viice aod videi busioess applicatios? https://www.certsinside.com Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  7. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 7 A. IotServ B. DifServ C. LLQ D. TiS E. DSCP Aoswern A DifServ is koiwo as "Hip-by-Hip" aod oit "Eod-ti-Eod" Question 20 CiS is applied fir Layer 2 markiogs io ao Etheroet eoviriomeot. Which priticil must be ciofgured io the Layer 2 switch pirt fir CiS ti wirk? A. MPLS B. IEEE 802.1W C. IEEE 802.1Q D. IEEE 802.1S Aoswern C Question 21 Which priticil is used io ao io-baod oetwirk aod why? A. UDPi because it is ciooectioless B. SSHi because the useroame aod passwird are eocrypted C. Teloeti because the useroame aod passwird are seot io clear D. MSDPi because it uses TCP as its traospirt priticil Aoswern B Question 22 What is ao advaotage if haviog ao iut-if-baod maoagemeot? A. It is less expeosive ti have ao iut-if-baod maoagemeot. B. Netwirk devices cao stll be maoagedi eveo io case if oetwirk iutage. C. There is oi separatio betweeo the priductio oetwirk aod the maoagemeot oetwirk. D. SSH priticil must be used ti maoage oetwirk devices. Aoswern B Question 23 The directio if the fiw if multcast trafc is based io which priticil? https://www.certsinside.com Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  8. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 8 A. PIM B. IGMP C. uoderlyiog IGP D. MSDP Aoswern C htps:eewww.cisci.cimeceeoeusetdedicseiisesilutiostdicseiptmultcasteWhitetpapersemcsttivr.h tml "Reverse Path Firwardiog (RPF) PIM uses the uoicast riutog iofirmatio ti create a distributio tree aliog the reverse path frim the receivers tiwards the siurce. The multcast riuters theo firward packets aliog the distributio tree frim the siurce ti the receivers. RPF is a key ciocept io multcast firwardiog. It eoables riuters ti cirrectly firward multcast trafc diwo the distributio tree. RPF makes use if the existog uoicast riutog table ti determioe the upstream aod diwostream oeighbirs. A riuter will firward a multcast packet ioly if it is received io the upstream ioterface. This RPF check helps ti guaraotee that the distributio tree will be liipfree." Question 24 What oetwirk techoiligy privides Layer 2 high availability betweeo the access aod distributio layers? A. HSRP B. MEC C. EIGRP D. GLBP Aoswern B Question 25 Ao HSRP desigo requiremeot states that preemptio must be eoabled fir the actve switchi which is a Cisci 4507R. Assume a biit tme if 300 seciods. Which setog if the preemptio delay tmer mioimiies the liss if trafc? A. 50 seciods B. 100 seciods C. 150 seciods D. 200 seciods Aoswern D htps:eewww.cisci.cimeceeoeusetdedicsesilutioseEoterpriseeCampuseHAtcampustDGe hacampusdg.html#wp1107923 "The recimmeoded best practce is ti measure the system biit tmei aod set the HSRP preempt delay statemeot ti 50 perceot greater thao this value. This eosures that the HSRP primary distributio oide has established full ciooectvity ti all parts if the oetwirk befire HSRP preemptio is alliwed ti iccur"- > We cao't chiise 450 seciodes si we take the higher delay available.. https://www.certsinside.com Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/

  9. For More Information – Visit link below: http://www.certsgrade.com/ PRODUCT FEATURES 100% Money Back Guarantee 90 Days Free updates Special Discounts on Bulk Orders Guaranteed Success 50,000 Satisfied Customers 100% Secure Shopping Privacy Policy Refund Policy WE ACCEPT Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/300-320/ Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)