the move to the cloud implications for the next generation of it education n.
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The Move to the Cloud – Implications for the Next Generation of IT Education PowerPoint Presentation
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The Move to the Cloud – Implications for the Next Generation of IT Education

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The Move to the Cloud – Implications for the Next Generation of IT Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Move to the Cloud – Implications for the Next Generation of IT Education. Mark Conway NetApp Academic Alliances March 1, 2012. 28 th Annual Information Technology Conference Collaborating to Prepare Graduates for Rapid IT Change. Agenda The Data Explosion The Move to the Cloud

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The Move to the Cloud – Implications for the Next Generation of IT Education

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the move to the cloud implications for the next generation of it education

The Move to the Cloud – Implications for the Next Generation of IT Education

Mark Conway

NetApp Academic Alliances

March 1, 2012

28th Annual Information Technology ConferenceCollaborating to Prepare Graduates for Rapid IT Change
  • Agenda
    • The Data Explosion
    • The Move to the Cloud
    • Implications for IT Education
    • Teaching Resources & Materials
        • NetApp’s Academic Alliances Program
    • Q&A
  • Suncorp video:
a deluge of data an opportunity for cs mis students
A Deluge of Data An Opportunity for CS & MIS Students ?

“… The total amount of digital storage worldwide is approaching 1 zettabyte, or 1 million times the contents of the Earth’s largest library. Currently that information is archived on equipment with a mass equivalent to 20 percent of Manhattan. Global data storage is expected to reach 35 zettabytes by 2020 …”

The Boston Globe

Editorial & Opinion

September 7, 2010

storage as a major component of it spend
Storage as a Major Component of IT Spend
  • Storage is 2nd highest cost in IT
  • Storage costs are growing 50% per year

Storage efficiency is the answer.

the need for efficiency
The Need For Efficiency
  • Trimmed IT Budgets keep cost containment to topof mind
  • Data growth represents a large expense and an opportunity to reevaluate

Source: IDC

a major market transition is underway
A Major Market Transition is Underway
  • IT responsiveness not meeting business needs
  • Keep-the-lights-on spending remains high
  • Strategic IT investments are limited
  • Aging Dedicated
  • Architectures
  • Explosive
  • Data Growth
  • Waste, Complexity,
  • and Inefficiency

 Utilization

No Data Reduction

 Data Copies

Huge Waste







it leaders are exploring alternatives
IT Leaders Are Exploring Alternatives

Embrace Service Providers?Delivering new levels of cost efficiency and responsiveness


Dedicated Architectures

Build a Private Cloud?Compete on cost and deliver business enablement

Internal IT

Business as usual is not the winner’s choice

the challenges facing it today
The Challenges Facing IT Today

Running out of power, cooling, space in the data center

Economic pressures requiring IT budgets to do more for less

>70% (industry average) of IT budgets are dedicated to “keeping the lights on”, only a minority towards innovation and growth

IT increasingly expected to quickly adapt to business changes

Need to develop forward-looking skills and IT architecture

Continually dealing with numerous vendors for resolution

gartner hype cycle for cloud computing
Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing

Gartner says the time for talking is over!

global cloud traffic the zettabyte era cisco global cloud index 2011
Global Cloud Traffic – the Zettabyte EraCisco Global Cloud Index - 2011

Annual global data center IP traffic will reach 4.8 zettabytes by the end of 2015

Global cloud IP traffic will increase twelvefold over the next five years. Overall Cloud IP traffic will grow at a CAGR of 66 perfect from 2010 – 2015

By 2014, more than 50 percent of all workloads will be processed in the cloud

By 2015, one-third of data center traffic will be cloud traffic.

cloud revenue
Cloud Revenue

Projected Revenue Growth from all IT in 2011: $1.6T (5.7%)2 - But cloud is < 2% of the market

NOTE: The economic downturn has amplified cloud services adoption due to the cost-cutting mantra of most organizations.

1Byrne, Brian, “Public Cloud Revenue to Rise 21.6% by 2014”, February 8, 2011,

2Gens, Frank, “IDC Top 10 Predictions”, December 2010, IDC #225878, Volume: 1, http://

cloud momentum
Cloud Momentum


cloud in all markets
Cloud in all Markets


public cloud spend up in all regions
Public Cloud Spend Up in All Regions

Asia Pacific Total

EMEA Total


Americas Total



26% CAGR





Data Sources: IDC #226222 (December 2010); IDC #223549 and #223396 (June 2010)







transitioning from virtualization to cloud
Transitioning from Virtualization to Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • Private Cloud: behind the firewall of an enterprise, closed to public
  • Public Cloud: accessible via service providers for general purchase
  • Hybrid Cloud: private clouds linked to public clouds

Application-Based Silos

Zones ofVirtualization

Private Cloud






Workloads moving increasingly to virtualized cloud infrastructure

netapp momentum in virtual environments
NetApp Momentum in Virtual Environments

Forrester Global Virtual Server Environments Surveys

Q: Which vendor(s) supplied the networked storage used for your virtual server environment



“Storage Choices For Virtual Server Environments”, Forrester Research Inc., January 15, 2009

“Storage Choices For Virtual Server Environments, Q1, 2011”, Forrester Research Inc., March 15, 2011

why faculty should care
Why Faculty Should Care

Storage, the Cloud and Shared Services IT

implications for academia
Implications for Academia

“Today’s IT landscape is undergoing a major shift as cloud computing and virtualization are becoming the norm. As a result, data management and storage strategies are changing. It’s our job as educators to make sure our students have a knowledge base and understanding of these technologies so that when they graduate, they are prepared to hit the ground running. NetApp has proven to be an innovator and industry leader in enabling shared infrastructures, and working with them really helps me open up new doors for my students and get them ready for the real world.”

Professor Xiao Su Department of Computer Engineering, San Jose State University


"There seems to be a shortage of skilled technologists who understand cloud; how it applies to their IT organization, who the vendors are, what the architectures are (and so on). Those folks are in short supply because everyone is on a learning curve. I think anyone who can stand up and say 'I'm a certified cloud technologist' is definitely going to be sought after by IT organizations.“

Gene Ruth, Research Director, Gartner

cios rank cloud as top tech priorities
CIOs Rank Cloud as Top Tech Priorities

Perception has gone from vendor hype to IT priority

* = New Response Category, Top catagories

Source: Gartner - The 2011 CIO Agenda

the changing it agenda
The Changing IT Agenda

The New IT Organization – Results of the 2011 Role of the CIO Beyond the Crossroads Survey, Summer 2011

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium &

the question is not if it s how
The Question Is Not “If,” It’s “How”

Requirements are the same: flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructures that increase service levels






Internal IT

All roads lead to shared infrastructure

the program
The Program

Components & Resources

the academic alliances program launched january 2011
The Academic Alliances Program Launched January 2011

An innovative industry-academic partnership to support faculty & student learning on storage systems and management

For more information, visit:

NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only

program components resources
Program Components & Resources
  • Access to a library of interactive, professionally developed web-based courses
  • Innovative classroom-ready “teaching modules” focused on an array of storage-related topics
  • NetApp virtual simulator for a real-world, hands-on learning experience with industry-leading storage management tools
  • A rich library of current, highly relevant teaching materials including white papers, industry and analyst reports, case studies and technical papers
  • Curriculum development consultation and support
the engagement level continuum
The Engagement Level Continuum

NetApp content in courses

Simulations / Hands -on

HW / SW Lab donation

Guest lectures

Faculty training

Student E-Learning


Offer faculty varying participation and commitment levels to support different levels of interest and involvement.

netapp s learning resource application and academic alliances teaching modules
NetApp’s Learning Resource Application and Academic Alliances “Teaching Modules”
  • What: Streamlined, easy-to-use, pre-packaged content on storage-focused topics
  • Description: The Cloud Computing Teaching Modules provides three levels of content including: an introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud Design & Implementation and Cloud Architectures and Technologies.
  • Benefits: Relevant teaching materials at your fingertips ; disperate ,multi-media content in one place improves efficiency of knowledge transfer
  • Audience: For CS, IT and MIS faculty and students.

data ontap simulator
Data ONTAP Simulator

What is it ?

A tool that gives you the experience of administering and using a NetApp storage system with all the features of Data ONTAP at your disposal.

faculty student access to elearning library
Faculty & Student Access to eLearning Library
  • Learning Accounts
  • Web-based Courses
student feedback wbts
Student Feedback – WBTs

“I definitely gained a better understanding of the role of storage.  Before this class, I had almost no knowledge of storage in today’s enterprise computing.”

“It was so much better than the textbook! It made it a lot more interesting with the use of the visual aids and the way the narrator described all the components. By using the web-based course you were able to add life to the lesson and it kept my attention.”

“The entire Data ONTAP course was interesting to me, and I’d love to have a chance to play with/use the software in a real world situation someday.”

Yes, being able to listen to “Bob” while looking directly at the graphics and examples that relate to the speech is very helpful. The web-based course is more intuitive and interactive than our text book but more importantly than that, the course is up to date.

in closing
In closing…….

The Major Shifts in 21st Century Information Technology

From on ZDNet.

thank you

Mark Conway

Sr. Program Lead

Academic Alliances