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Careers in Information Systems

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Careers in Information Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Careers in Information Systems. The MIS Major at UNCW. Why Major In Information Systems? or considering double majoring!. IS grads are in demand. According to the Dept of Labor, IS jobs will be the 2 nd highest demanded occupation in the 2004-2014 period

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Careers in Information Systems

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    1. Careers in Information Systems

      The MIS Major at UNCW
    2. Why Major In Information Systems?or considering double majoring!
    3. IS grads are in demand According to the Dept of Labor, IS jobs will be the 2nd highest demanded occupation in the 2004-2014 period NC Tomorrow projects 23,000 new IT jobs will be needed in North Carolina in the next 10 years (3rd highest growth occupation) Sources:
    4. Why major in IS? Pay!!! The Bureau of Labor Statistics places IS job growth in the highest pay category +41K/year for Bachelor Degrees!
    5. IS grads are in demand and are paid for being in demand IT Professions have 5 of the top 10 growth jobs in the next 10 years Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics for jobs paying more than $46,360.
    6. Why major in IS? We get to play with technology! Field that challenges its professionals to grow, learn, and take advantage of technology Places you in an unique position in an organization to assist all departments with their problems and get recognized for your effort
    7. Outsourcing? Outsourcing is not projected to impact IS majors as the majority of jobs in IT being outsourced are programming jobs. Business Week reported firms are reducing their outsourcing for IT jobs IS majors are not programmers but ‘problem solvers’ and problem solvers need to interact with end customers on a regular basis. These jobs are staying on shore.
    8. Attributes of an IS Professional Business Savvy Technical Aptitude Good Communications Skills It is typical to interact with departments at all levels Must communicate technical information to managers Must communicate business needs to technicians Problem Solvers
    9. Where the IT Jobs are: Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
    10. System Analysts Create solutions using technology to solve corporate problems or increase profitability Work with many departments and many layers within an organization Understand current conditions Design/develop creative solutions Recommend to management Implement solutions Train users
    11. Average Pay Systems Analyst I --- $49,700 Business Analyst I -- $47,200 Source of all salary information: Source: (March 2008) Average Salaries for Charlotte / Raleigh Metropolitan Area(range of salaries is generally average +/- 15%) Typical Cape Fear Salaries are $3,000 less
    12. DataBase Administrators Design and maintain data files that support the day to day operations Ensure that the data is accurate Ensure that the data is secure Example: US Airways database to track flights and passengers
    13. Average Pay Database Analyst I - $54, 900 Database Administrator - $85,600
    14. Telecommunication Specialist Provide the communications backbone for an organization Connect internal networks Connect with external networks Provide security
    15. Average Pay LAN Support I --- $46,050 Telecommunications Tech I --- $44,600 Network Administrator --- $45,500
    16. Application Developers(generally newer web applications) Build the actual systems to improve the workflow or profitability of organizations Write code in various languages and on various platforms (machines) Write Web development languages Manage a Web Site May be an entry level job leading to promotion.
    17. Average Pay Programmer - $51,500 Software Engineer - $53,900 Web Designer – 60, 800 Web Software Developer - $70,750 Webmaster - $64,500
    18. Other typical starting positions Help Desk Consultant Assist users throughout an organization to use the software effectively Great way to meet many people at various levels Typical Salary --- $42,900
    19. Other typical starting positions IT Auditor Usually employed by big accounting firms and assigned to consult with clients Typical Salary --- $48,800
    20. Hottest IT jobs between 2006 and 2016 Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics for jobs paying more than $46,360.
    21. Hiring Expectations (Wilmington Area)
    22. The MIS concentration at UNCW 7 Upper Level MIS Courses Must be a business major MIS 213 1 Programming Course(either MIS or CS)
    23. Required Courses – MIS 213 Learn the basics of hardware/software Increase software skills Basic IS terminology Required of all business majors
    24. Programming Pre-Requisite (Choose 1) MIS 216 – Intro to Programming Learn the concepts of programming in Visual Basic with a business perspective Computer Science – CSC 121 Learn the concepts of programming in JAVA JAVA is the 2nd most utilized programming language in terms of new code (C is first)
    25. Required Courses MIS 315 – Database Structures Learn to build larger database structures and find data quickly MIS 316 – Computer Concepts and Applications Advanced programming in a visual environment using Visual Basic.Net, a Rapid Application Language
    26. Required Course MIS 323/416 – Telecommunications Learn the basics of how machines communicate with each other using the CISCO recommended curriculum
    27. Required Courses MIS 411 – Systems Analysis Learn to analyze an organization and suggest possible solutions to its current information problems or ways to realize new opportunities MIS 413 – Systems Design Design and implement a real world application via a web environment( development, 2007 most popular web development environment, now exceeding JAVA!)
    28. Electives (Choose 2) MIS 310 – Web Development (Client Side) MIS 312 – Hardware and Software MIS 318 – International MIS MIS 324 – Network Security Project Management; Data Mining;Management of Technology
    29. Still not convinced?Top Paying Jobs for 2006 Grads Chemical Engineering, $55,900 Information Technology, $50,000 Accounting, $45,700 Finance/Economics, $45,100 Operations / Management, $39,800 Marketing/Management, $36,200 Source: Information Week, 1/14/2008
    30. MIS “Paid” Internships PPD SageIsland Communication TrepX Wilmington Group Visionair Wilmington Port Authorities Wilmington Shipping and more AAI Castle Branch (NC123) EMS (Education Mgt Systems) GE (Energy) New Hanover County Interroll New Hanover Regional Medical
    31. UNCW IS Grads get JobsRecent 2006/2007 Graduates Glaxo Smith Kline Raleigh NC Grant Thornton Fort Lauderdale FL IBM New York NY & Durham Infranet Technologies Wilmington NC Deloitte & Touche Wilmington NC Erickson Communities Washington DC Ernst & Young Charlotte NC GE Energy Wilmington NC
    32. UNCW IS Grads get JobsRecent 2006/2007 Graduates New Hanover Health System Wilmington NC PPD Wilmington NC SAS Raleigh NC Visionair Wilmington NC Legacy Health Systems Raleigh NC Microsoft Charlotte NC Nat. Assoc of Children’s Hospitals Baltimore MD NC Department of Transportation Raleigh NC
    33. Hot Metro Areas for IT Jobs Seattle – 20% San Francisco – 19% Dallas – 19% Atlanta – 15% Charlotte – 9% Miami – 16% D.C. – 18% Baltimore – 18%
    34. What should I take next? MIS 315 Learn more about databases Useful for all business majors MIS 216 Introduction to programming (Logic)
    35. Questions? Additional information on the ISOM department website. To declare MIS as your major or double major you need to complete a form at the registrar’s office.