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Optometrist yelp comes very handy while gathering information about the optometrist one is aiming to book an appointment with. Not only before the visit, must one add their reviews on the same to help others in making the right choice of doctor.\nhttp://www.jasonhnakagawa.com/\n

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dr jason h nakagawa

Dr. Jason H


what happens after cataract surgery

What Happens After

Cataract Surgery?

From the time you find Dr. Nakagawa

on an ophthalmologist Yelp search,

you will feel better knowing that he

has more than 20 years of experience

helping people with cataracts get

clearer vision and have a better

quality of life. You may wonder what

happens after the procedure.

a few moments of rest following your surgery

A few moments of rest following

your surgery gives your eye time to

adjust and settle down. You will get

a patch over your eye, an eye drop

prescription, and instructions to

rest from your eye physician Culver

City. Your ride will take you home

where you will not lift anything

heavier than eight pounds for the

next few weeks.

For a couple of days, you will notice

some itching, burning, or irritation,

but it is important not to scratch

your eye. For the two month healing

period, you will need to avoid

bending over to minimize eye


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