Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts
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As you know, podcasting has become both a strong marketing tactic, as well as a superb method for delivering quality information to a wide audience. The real estate genre is no exception, and we are fortunate to have a large number of quality productions to choose from.

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Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

Real estate investment income property

is the most historically proven asset

class. Real estate properties should be

looked at in a market by market basis

and when looking for your first or next

creative deal, make certain you can

trust the person you are dealing with.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

In Jason Hartman’s conversation with Venture

Alliance Group’s Gary Pinkerton (listen to

whole podcast here) we’ll learn about his

personal secrets on real estate investing, how

to get into the bandwagon and change your life.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

Get out of the roller coaster ride of

the stock market so you can put

the majority of your wealth from

mutual funds and stocks into real

estate because if you take the tops

or the peaks of each one of the

stock market moves, your wealth

was going up but it was basically

going up by what you will be

putting in every year. You wanted

to get something that would move

predictably in one direction.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

It is important to hang out with

people that are going in the direction

you want to go. We have to make an

effort to constantly choose

our peers, but it’s really about

accountability too. You want others

around you to inspire you to do

more because they’re doing more.

You want to be in the hot seat,

with people giving you feedback

on things maybe you should do

and you want to kind of prove

that you have taken action.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

The investor’s lament is awesome.

Do not regret your mistakes

because at some point, you

got lessons you won’t learn

from someone else.

The best lesson you could learn is

to not get creative. The most

important thing is that when you

look at an investment property look

at it solely based on market rent.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

Here are investment related frequently

asked questions about commercial and

residential real estate properties, about

single family homes, how the need for

housing is never outsourced to another

country and how the oil surplus

is affecting US oil towns, as

answered by Jason Hartman.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

“Having a place to live is a

necessary expense of life. The

answer is .6 percent is a pretty

good deal for the renter. Your

getting the better end of the deal,

I’d say, than the landlord is. So,

enjoy your rental. You need a place

to live and if you owned it, it would

be an expense anyway. Like Robert

Kayosaki says, your house is not

an investment, it’s a do-dad.”

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

The first way to define commercial

versus residential real estate is

the way lender do and the way the

real estate law defines it.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

Large investors, institutional

investors with a lot of capital to

deploy have to put it somewhere.

Whether they be big office

complexes, apartment complexes,

retail centers, or industrial parks are

owned by none other than insurance

companies. Insurance companies

seem to love real estate investing,

yet interestingly they will accept…

it’s kind of counterintuitive.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

When getting started in investing,

“The only thing I would say is be

careful that you don’t get ripped off

because a lot of these guru’s are

really, really sleazy and they will sell

you all kinds of stuff that you don’t

need. Try and get your education

for as close to free as possible and

you can do that nowadays online.”

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

They’re understated in the rate of

deflation, But admittedly inflation is

very tame at the moment. It really

got tame about 2.5 years ago and

we had some decent inflation until

then. I agree. I think though trying

to time the real estate market, as

we talked about when you were on

before, is like trying to time

inflation, deflation and stagnation,

it’s kind of a fool’s game.

Jason hartman real estate investing podcasts

“If you have an economy based on oil

exploration, that’s the most tender

and delicate part of this equation.

If you have an area like North Dakota

where so much more of it is

exploration oriented or in Canada or

Europe then you have a real issue

that you should be concerned about.

Try to avoid any one-horse town.

One horse towns are risky. “