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AMAZON ECHO. What Does It Do?. Home Security. Alexa SmartHome Lights Locks Security System Garage Door Thermostat. What Does It Do Cont. Entertainment. Movies Music Trivia Online Ordering. What Does It Do Cont. Information. Weather Google Searches Calender Email

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  2. What Does It Do? Home Security Alexa SmartHome Lights Locks Security System Garage Door Thermostat

  3. What Does It Do Cont. Entertainment Movies Music Trivia Online Ordering

  4. What Does It Do Cont. Information Weather Google Searches Calender Email Automatic Bill Pay

  5. Vulnerability • In computer security, vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to reduce a system's information assurance. • Three elements intersect: • system susceptibility • attacker access to the flaw • attacker capability to exploit the flaw.

  6. Weakness In Authentication/Authorization • Alexa cannot differentiate the voices. • It even reveals the bank details and personal information whoever asks it.

  7. Security • stored in cloud • more ‘smart’ devices we surround ourselves, the more data is collected • First, information may be leaked and malicious hackers may use our smart devices to spy on Alexa.

  8. Security Cont. • law enforcement and nation states will do the same • The integrity of the data is questionable. • extreme case, it’s possible for a malicious hacker to plant fabricated data on them.

  9. Effects Of Vulnerability • It can be explained well with an example about the unknown order • And other one privacy about bank details.

  10. Counterattack On Vulnerabilities • As the entire bank credentials are provided online, the primary of an individual is not secured. • The security measures regarding the credentials has to be taken into concern by not allowing all the users expect the owner to access to Alexa because the credentials are linked to online

  11. Counterattack On Vulnerabilities • As the fact, that Alexa is connected to WLAN all the confidential details from other devices at home are linked to Alexa and through Alexa it is stored in cloud • There should be some firewalls provided to Alexa without getting into other devices and not pulling up the confidential from those devices and providing the personal firewall to Alexa alone.

  12. Counterattack On Vulnerabilities • Is the voice recognition. • Alexa doesn’t provide voice recognition of owner alone. • It is required to have recognizing of voice of owner to give the details. • And as the online banking is linked with Alexa there should be some sought of code provided by owner to Alexa to make any billing confirmations.

  13. Strengths Of Alexa • Simplicity • easy-to-use and flexible framework, creating the conditions for a moat: appliances are a lot more expensive than software, and much longer lasting, which means everyone who buys something that works with Alexa is much less likely to switch • Personalization • For a service that aims to be an assistant in the home and become a true companion to develop better language skills and learn to identify multiple voices • It has all of the qualities of an operating system

  14. Strengths Of Alexa • Extremely Proficient Particularly In Terms Of Speed And Accuracy. • It Has A Skills Framework That Allows Smart Devices To Connect To Alexa • Alexa Provide The Voice Controlled Intelligence For Cloud Service. • It Support Every Where I.E. Potential Voice Interface Technology To Build Alexa Enabled Device Like Refrigerator, Lamps, Cars, Musical Devices Etc.

  15. Amazon’s Alexa Can Help At Home • Cooking : Set a timer, add items to your phone’s grocery list and offer meal tips to Chef’s cooking-assistant app. • Media And Entertainment: Radio, Pandora, media library, audio books and news. • Personal Assistance : Checking your Google Calendar for appointments • Shopping : Amazon’s vaunted one-click ordering, to reorder goods simply by asking. • Home Tech: Control lights, refrigerators, dish washers, air conditioners, garage-door openers and home-security systems.

  16. Conclusion • Alexa make it easier for achieving the goal of being the logistics provider for basically for every one and everything. • It is promising as voice technology is as a means of controlling the home and voice interface of the future for dish washers, refrigerators and air conditioners. • Voice-controlled devices are the next great computing platform. • Alexa is everywhere and  many companies have announced plans to work with the virtual assistant. For instance, LG is building refrigerators, GE made Alexa-enabled LED lamps and  Ford has announced plans to add Alexa to its cars.

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