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How I Lost 40 Pounds in a Month PowerPoint Presentation
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How I Lost 40 Pounds in a Month

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How I Lost 40 Pounds in a Month - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interested in seeing my progress as I recorded it during my experiment? /nCheck it out on my blog at

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How I Lost 40 Pounds in a Month

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this presentation is courtesy of1

This presentation is courtesy of

Advanced Colon Max all natural detoxifying colon cleanse.

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do you experience any of the following
Do you experience any of the following?
  • Irregular Bowel Movements
  • Gas and/or Painful Bloating
  • Indigestion / Poor Digestion
  • Abnormally Low Energy Levels
  • Poor Mood & Irritability
  • Headaches Rivaling Migraines
If you answered YES to any of those, then you undoubtedly have undigested waste lining the walls of your large intestine and colon.



Throughout our lives, we consume many processed foods. Things like fast food, pizza, burgers, tacos, and sausage and peppers, all contain chemicals and substances used in the processing of those products.


Over time, these substances coat the lining of the large intestine and colon, thus affecting your health in a multitude of different ways. What you need to do is purge them from your body, and that is exactly what Advanced Colon Max is designed to do, naturally.


Skeptical? Good, you should be, nobody wants to put any old substance in their body. ACM works and it worked for me too.To see how I lost over 40 pounds and get a FREE bottle of ACM, visit