race ethnicity and the social structure
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Race, Ethnicity, and the Social Structure

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Race, Ethnicity, and the Social Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Race, Ethnicity, and the Social Structure. Chapter 12. Race. Physical characteristics and whom others see as being a distinct group H ow people react to these physical characteristics and how these reactions affect individuals in society. . Remember the Titans. Ethnicity.

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  • Physical characteristics and whom others see as being a distinct group
    • How people react to these physical characteristics and how these reactions affect individuals in society.
  • people who share a common cultural background and a common sense of identity
    • Cultural characteristics: national origin, religion, language, customs and values
minority groups
Minority Groups
  • no specific skin color, physical feature, or ethnic background is superior or inferior by nature
    • Many sociologists recognize that those who hold power in society may place an arbitrary value on specific characteristics
i discrimination and prejudice
I. Discrimination and Prejudice
  • Discrimination is denial of equal treatment based on group membership
    • Legal discrimination is upheld by law.
    • Institutionalized discrimination is part of the social structure
  • Prejudice is an unsupported generalization about a category of people
Stereotypes are oversimplified, exaggerated, unfavorable generalizations
  • Racismis a belief that one’s own race or ethnic group is superior to others.
ii sources of discrimination and prejudice
II. Sources of Discrimination and Prejudice
  • Sociological Explanations
    • Prejudice may be embedded in the social norms of a society or group
    • People become prejudiced by internalizing these norms.
C. Economic Explanations
  • Competition for scarce resources
  • Dominant group encourages competition among minority groups to protect position.
iii patterns of minority group treatment
III. Patterns of Minority Group Treatment
  • Cultural pluralism allows groups to keep unique cultural identities.
    • Switzerland
  • Assimilation blends groups into a single group with a common culture and identity.
    • Melting Pot
  • Segregation involves physical separation of minority group from dominant group
    • De jure segregation based on laws
    • De facto segregation based on informal norms
Internal Colonialism /Subjugation is maintaining control over group through force, including slavery
    • Apartheid
  • Population transfer of the minority population to new territory
    • Indirect and direct transfer
      • Czarist Russia
      • Relocation of Native Americans
  • Extermination is the most extreme response to the existence of minority groups.
    • Genocide is the attempt to destroy the entire targeted population
      • A Boy in Striped Pajamas
    • Ethnic cleansing is removing a group through terror, expulsion, and mass murder
iv race and ethnic relations in the us
IV. Race and Ethnic Relations in the US
  • Split up into 5 groups
    • European Americans
    • Latinos (Hispanics)
    • African Americans
    • Asian Americans
    • Native Americans