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Excel. When you open Excel. What you see when you open Excel is the ______________ It is composed of rows and columns which are composed of _______. Columns. Rows. Cells. A cell is an individual block in a spreadsheet. An _______ cell is the cell that is currently selected.

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When you open excel
When you open Excel

  • What you see when you open Excel is the ______________

  • It is composed of rows and columns which are composed of _______.




  • A cell is an individual block in a spreadsheet.

  • An _______ cell is the cell that is currently selected.

  • A cell’s name is its coordinates.

Active cell

This cell’s name is C4


Cell range
Cell Range

  • A cell range is a group of cells that are being used together.

  • A cell range has it’s own name.

These cells are C10:J10


  • A worksheet is a single page in Excel.

  • A _____________ is a group of three worksheets.

  • Excel automatically opens with ______ worksheets.


  • Excel is designed to be able to use the data that you enter: in this case mathematically.

    • Sum ~ ____________________________________. (The default function)

    • Average ~Values added together and then divided by the number of values.

    • Count ~ The number of data values. Default function for data other than numbers.

    • Max ~ ________

    • Min ~ _________

How to perform a function
How to perform a Function

  • ______________________________________

Basic instructions
Basic Instructions

  • Select the cell that you want your total in.

  • Select the function button

  • Select SUM and make sure the names of the cells are the ones you want to add after you press OK.

  • Press OK!


  • There are 6 basic graphs and charts

Area chart

Area Chart

Xy scatter
XY Scatter over time.

  • A scatter plot simply ______________________________.

  • This can help you find trends in your data.

Column graph
Column Graph over time.

A column graph organizes data into __________________

Pie chart
Pie Chart over time.

A pie chart show the ____________________________________________________________and not necessarily the actual numerical values.

Bar over time.

A bar graph is the same as a column graph but the data is ______________ on the axis.

Line graph
Line Graph over time.

  • A line graph shows you __________ in different data.

  • These are used when looking for changes over time.

How to make a graph
How to make a graph over time.

  • Highlight the data you want to graph.

  • Select the Insert tab and then choose the type of graph you want.

Editing your graph
Editing your graph over time.

  • Once you have your graph you select it and use the chart tools to change the graph’s format.

How to e dit c ells
How to over time. Edit Cells

  • To edit specific cells highlight the ones you want and right click.

  • Scroll down to format cells.

  • From this window you can change the word angle, color, borders, and more.

Merging and inserting cells
Merging and Inserting Cells over time.

  • Select the cells you want to work with.

  • Go to the Home Tab

  • The Insert button allows you to shift your data or simply add whole lines.

  • The Merge & Center button puts your highlighted cells together.

Cell style and other formatting
Cell Style and Other Formatting over time.

  • The Cell Styles button on the home tab allows you to create a theme and color and select the type of data you plan on using.

Changing the workbook tabs
Changing the Workbook Tabs over time.

  • Select the tab you want to change

  • Right click

  • You can change the color or the name from that drop down.