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  1. FRENCH EXCHANGE October 2010: CHS/SHS host French students (12-14 days) February 2011: Sucy host CHS/SHS students (12-14 days)

  2. Teachers/Chaperones (2009) Madame Emmanuelle Blanc - Sucy Madame Benedicte Duranteau - Sucy Madame Frederique Cain - Sucy Madame Patricia Jacquart – Scituate Monsieur Jeff Kotter - Cohasset Madame Beth Marat – Cohasset Madame Danielle Delort - Sucy

  3. Students Approximately 30 CHS/SHS and 30 French students CHS Students (in French 4 by Spring 2011) and SHS Students Lycée Christophe Colomb Students majoring in English

  4. OCTOBER French students stay with you in MA Your correspondent resides with your family School days: they go on excursions with their teachers; you go to school Evenings/weekends: you do activities together (some planned by your teachers/chaperones and some by you and your family)

  5. Typical weekday You and your correspondent eat breakfast at home and come to school at the normal time Your correspondent attends part or all of 1st class with you The French students depart with their teachers for an excursion

  6. Typical evening You do your normal after-school activities Your correspondent returns from excursion (usually between 4 pm and 6:30 pm) You pick up your correspondent (usually at school) You and your correspondent spend the evening doing whatever you want together (movie, meet friends, dinner, etc.)

  7. Weekends You and your family plan activities of your choice You may opt to get together with another host family Your teachers may organize an activity for all the exchange participants together

  8. Host Family Responsibilities Transportation to and from school and activities Meals, including bag lunch for excursions Private or shared accommodations Family activities (evening/weekend) Contact chaperones/teachers to resolve any issues

  9. Student Responsibilities In U.S. In France Participate in the daily life of your correspondent when in France Communicate with his or her family Participate actively and attentively in all excursions and activities Consult your teachers/chaperones to resolve any issues • Communicate with your correspondent in French and English • Make him or her feel at home • Introduce him or her to your friends, meet his or her friends • Show him or her what your life is like here in the U.S.

  10. February You stay with your correspondent in France for 8 days You travel with us for a 3-day excursion to Normandy and stay in youth hostels You return to Paris for a “Farewell Event”

  11. Lycée Christophe Colomb Founded in 1992, on the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America One of 3 regional high schools serving 10 communities Disciplines: History, Geography, Literature, Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Social Sciences, Electronics, Mechanics, English, German, Italian, Philosophy, Computer Science

  12. Sucy-en-Brie . Population : 25,000 Inhabitants: Sucyciens Location : 17 km south-east of the center of Paris Transportation: Town bus; commuter train to Paris

  13. Typical Weekday You and your correspondent have breakfast at home You report to Lycée Christophe Colomb in Sucy with your correspondent You go on excursions with your teachers while your correspondent is in school

  14. Sample Itinerary Week 2 (Saturday-Tuesday): Normandy Friday p.m.: Depart Boston Saturday a.m.: Arrive Paris Saturday/Sunday: Sucy/with host family Week 1 (Monday-Friday): Paris Mont Saint Michel Rouen Pompidou Center Louvre Eglise Jeanne D’Arc, Rouen American Cemetery Musée d’Orsay Victor Hugo Museum Bayeux Tapestry Point du Hoc Wednesday: Paris/Eiffel Tower Thursday: Depart Versailles Palace Double-decker bus tour Tuesday, February 17 D-Day beaches & picnic lunch ; American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc Paris – Eiffel Tower, Restaurant for dinner Lodging : Youth Hostel Thursday, February 19 1 :15 pm Depart Paris on Air France Flight 2 :55 pm Arrive at Logan, bus to Cohasset

  15. Students will attend a series of evening sessions with the Exchange teachers (alternating between CHS and SHS). • These class sessions will prepare students for the cultural and academic aspects of the exchange. • Students will receive a grade for the Exchange based on their participation, a daily journal, and a scrapbook (including a small cultural project). Academic Responsibilties The Exchange is now a formal part of the CHS Program of Studies and carries 2.5 credits

  16. Participation and Project Choose an aspect of French life to observe throughout your stay Particular kind of shop Certain aspect of clothing Hand gestures when talking Pets Anything that interests you! Document examples through photos, sketches, interviews, notes Include your findings in your scrapbook • Speak French! • Ask/Answer questions! • Interact with French students and families!

  17. Journal Journal Entries Journal Entries, cont. Accomplishments in French What impressed you the most in Normandy (Description) Notes for your project Useful vocabulary Daily summary of experiences and observations • New vocabulary • Description of a painting that you liked (Orsay) • Description of a painting that you liked (Louvre) • Description of a painting that you liked (Beaubourg)

  18. Written in French • Multi-page binder, photo album, scrapbook… • Personalized with photos, tickets, brochures, menus, maps, flat objects collected during the Exchange • Address 7 categories Scrapbook Awards will be given French Family: Host family, friends French High School: Courses, schedules Paris: Excursions, favorite paintings and place or moment Normandy: What you did, where it is, what it looks like, what impressed you Project: Written description and visuals Museums: Reactions, favorite works Conclusion: New expressions, accomplishments

  19. Administrative Details • Orientation meetings will be held for families (alternating between CHS and SHS) as follows: • 1-2 meetings in Spring 2010 • 1-2 meetings in October 2010 • 1-2 meetings in January 2011 • Orientation meeting agenda items include: • Dissemination of detailed information • Collection of various required documents • Collection of funds in installments

  20. Costs • Projected cost for full participation in 2010-2011 is approximately $1,700 per student, including airfare, room, board, transportation, and excursions -- not including spending money • Any change in cost will be largely determined by the current cost of airfare • Due in 4 payments: • $100 when applying in March 2010 • $500 in April 2010 • $500 in June 2010 • Balance in September 2010 • Checks made out to: • SHS French Exchange

  21. Application and Matching Applications Matching Applications are now being accepted from French students They will provide the same information that you did First we will consider physical needs (pet allergies, special diets or other needs) Then, we will do our best to match you with a correspondent who shares at least some of your interests • Applications are now being accepted • Please fill them out completely and thoughtfully and include a letter (in French) to your host family • Turn them in to Madame Marat or Monsieur Kotter by March 12 • Include $100 deposit check with your application

  22. Communications With your correspondent With your teachers We will maintain a website where information about the Exchange is available We will maintain an e-mail list and e-mail students and parents with updated information You may e-mail, phone, or stop and see us with any questions • Usually, students set up a Facebook page for getting to know each other • You are encouraged to begin e-mail correspondence as soon as matches are made • Parents often contact each other as well, by email or phone, before their child travels

  23. Benefits of Participation • Gain experience in global education • Improve your language skills • Make new friends, have lots of fun • Use the language and experience first-hand the culture you have been studying all these years! • Broaden your outlook and your understanding of the world and yourself • 2.5 credits for French Exchange on your transcript (CHS) • Include in college applications