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Your Body. Your Mind. Your Life. s olle ( sohl ) ; noun, homonym for soul 1. the principle of life, thought, feeling and action 2. a person’s complete being 3. the perfect integration of mind and body. The “ Solle ” Platform.

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Your body
Your Body

Your Mind

Your Life

Your body

solle(sohl); noun, homonym for soul1. the principle of life, thought, feeling and action2. a person’s completebeing3. the perfect integration of mind and body

The solle platform
The “Solle” Platform

  • Optimum health requires the integrated nourishment of both body and mind.

  • Every Solle Naturals product will concurrently target physical, mental AND emotional health concerns.

  • This integrated focus will define our company and reshape the nutritional supplement industry.

Sollecertain quality standard
SolleCertain™ Quality Standard

  • Product quality will always be our highest priority as enumerated in our official SolleCertain™ quality standard.

  • Our product development team will utilize our large network of key Scientific and Herbal Advisors.

Solle naturals products
Solle Naturals Products

Solle Naturals’ Lifting products naturally stimulate the body and mind to provide increased energy, vitality and productivity.

Solle naturals products1
Solle Naturals Products

Solle Naturals’ Calming products provide the nutritional support necessary to deal with everyday stressors that can cause mental anxiety, physical unease and weakened immunity.

Solle naturals products2
Solle Naturals Products

Solle Naturals’ Balancing products are nutritionally dense supplements with unique adaptogenic properties. Consistent use will result in greater overall wellness and maximum longevity.

Solle naturals products3
Solle Naturals Products

Solle Naturals Clarifying products are specially formulated to provide increased mental acuity, sharper focus and enhanced physical regeneration.

Foundational product
Foundational Product

Solle Vital™

  • Protect Your Core

  • Enliven Your Body

  • Energize Your Mood

Initial product offering
Initial Product Offering


  • Digestive Energy

  • Mental Focus

  • Blood Sugar Management

Initial product offering1
Initial Product Offering


  • Full Spectrum Protease Combination

  • Plant Sourced Enzymes

  • Calming Herbal Blend

Initial product offering2
Initial Product Offering


  • Powerful Plant Omegas

  • Mental Clarity

  • Mood Enhancement

Initial product offering3
Initial Product Offering

SolleFlex PI™

  • Joint Flexibility/Vitality Formula

  • Targets inflammation and discomfort

  • Mood balancing

Initial product offering4
Initial Product Offering


  • Mood Enabling Adaptogen Blend

  • Contains St. John’s Wort

  • Formulated For Regular Use

Initial product offering5
Initial Product Offering

ProBio IQ™

  • Mood Enhancing Probiotics

  • Proven Herbs For Mental Focus

  • Mind/Body Clarifying Formula

Initial product offering6
Initial Product Offering

  • 100% Herbal Formulas

  • Mind/Body Harmonized

  • Vegetable Capsules and Preservative Free Powdered Beverages

Solle essentials
Solle Essentials™

Our initial offering includes four proprietary oil blends that correspond with the Solle Naturals™ product categories.

Compensation program
Compensation Program

  • One-of-a-kind commission structure evolves as your business evolves

  • Unique incentives for group building

  • Optional payment plan for high volume participants

  • Weekly and monthly commissions

Three levels of participation
Three Levels of Participation

  • Member

    • Product benefits

  • Specialist

    • Product, education and some commission benefits

  • SollePro™

    • Product, education and full commission benefits

Member benefits
Member Benefits


*Product credit valid on next order, and is good for 3 months. Normal shipping applies. Product credit carries no PV. Maximum credit used toward any one order = $50.

Specialist and sollepro benefits
Specialist and SollePro™ Benefits


SolleSafe™ is designed to guarantee eligibility for commission payments by fulfilling the monthly personal requirement of 100 QV via monthly autoship. Participation is optional. SolleRewards™ points may be redeemed by Specialists and SollePros™ for product credit and/or other forthcoming incentives and benefits.

Specialist and sollepro benefits1
Specialist and SollePro™ Benefits


*Must purchase Marketing Package ($59 ) to be a Specialist. Marketing package includes 1-yr subscription to personal website, Solle Training, and marketing tools. This bonus is only paid on qualifying orders: $75 for enrolling members, and $159 (including Marketing package) for enrolling Specialists.

Sollepro benefits
SollePro Benefits

  • Monthly volume on up to 7 generational levels is sorted and paid according to the total volume of each level, with the highest % commission paid on levels with the highest volume. As your highest volume levels change over time, the highest % payout moves with that volume.

  • In addition, you earn a “High 5!” on your highest-volume levelas you move up in rank. Beginning with SollePro (2K), we add an additional 2% to your best level, up to an additional 5%, making your pay up to 15% on your best level !

Sollepro benefits1
SollePro Benefits

  • MentorMatch™ pays Leaders from the rank of SollePro (3K) up to a 100% match of the combined bonus checks earned by their personally sponsored Leaders on all paid levels. You earn more as you help them earn more.

  • HD (high dollar) Override is a great resource for sponsoring high-volume shops, salons, gyms, etc. This industry-leading commission is paid on personal orders from participants, in lieu of other payouts.

Hd override bonus
HD Override Bonus

Monthly Personal QV

Heart solle charitable foundation
Heart & Solle Charitable Foundation

  • We will focus efforts on women’s and children’s physical and emotional health issues.

  • We will work closely with the SolleCenter™ to conduct critical mind/body research.

  • A portion of every product sold goes to this foundation.