north american lighting and tqm n.
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North American Lighting and TQM

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North American Lighting and TQM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North American Lighting and TQM. Kevin Blatnik. My Background. 1998: Graduated from EIU with BSIT Went to work for Navistar International as a Design Engineer 2000: Came to word for North American Lighting as a Manufacturing Engineer 2003: Became an Industrial Engineer with NAL

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Presentation Transcript
my background
My Background
  • 1998: Graduated from EIU with BSIT
  • Went to work for Navistar International as a Design Engineer
  • 2000: Came to word for North American Lighting as a Manufacturing Engineer
  • 2003: Became an Industrial Engineer with NAL
  • 2004: Graduated from EIU with MST and a Certificate in Quality Systems
  • 2005: Promoted to Sr. Industrial Engineer
background of nal
Background of NAL
  • Established in 1983 in Flora, Illinois
  • Subsidiary of Koito, the world’s largest supplier of Automotive Lighting
  • $500 Million in sales annually
  • Employ’s 2500 people in 6 facilities
  • 4 Manufacturing Facilities
    • Flora, Illinois: Forward Lighting
    • Salem, Illinois: Rear and Secondary Lighting
background of nal1
Background of NAL
    • Paris, Illinois: High Quality Forward Lighting
    • Muscle Shoals, Alabama: High Quality Rear and Secondary Lighting
  • Design group located in Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Corporate Headquarters located in Paris, Illinois
preferred business management system
Preferred Business Management System
  • A quality management system
  • Management responsible to create and maintain documents to ensure customer quality
    • Preparation of quality plans
    • Identification and acquisition of any controls, processes, equipment, fixtures, resources, and skills needed to achieve the required quality
    • Ensure the compatibility of design, production process, installation, inspection, and test procedures and the applicable documentation
    • Update as necessary the quality control, inspection and testing techniques, including development of new instructions
    • Identification and preparation of quality records
  • It is a continuously changing process
preferred business management system1
Preferred Business Management System
  • Specific areas of the System
    • Quality Manual
      • Manual spells out all international standards as well as NAL standards
      • Direct correlation between ISOO9001:2000/TS16949:2002
    • Control of Documents
      • All documents have to go through an approval process
      • All documents are stored in one central controlled location
preferred business management system2
Preferred Business Management System
  • Engineering Specifications
    • All Engineering changes have to go through and approval process
    • All changes are recorded and stored in a central location
  • Control of Records
  • Records Retention
    • Quality records for production part approvals, tooling, purchase orders, and amendments will be maintained for a length of time equal to the time that the item(s) is active plus one calendar year
customer focus1
Customer Focus
  • Performance Indicators provided by the customer
  • Results are plotted and verified to our goals
    • Green: Meets target
    • Yellow: Marginal
    • Red: Does not meet
customer focus2
Customer Focus
  • On-site QRE’s (Quality Resident Engineer)
    • Improves relationship with the customer
    • Located on site at major customer sites
    • Troubleshoot quality issues prior to contacting production facility
    • Try to put out fires early
supplier development
Supplier Development
  • Purchasing
    • Procure components and raw materials of superior quality and reliability that exceeds customer expectations on a global basis
    • Purchasing Management will invest time and effort to understand business culture and importance of customer support at all levels of a given organization
supplier development1
Supplier Development
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (SQAM)
    • All suppliers receive a copy of this document
    • Spells out all of NAL’s Quality expectations
    • Supplier Quality Engineers (SQE) are assigned to suppliers to help them along with our requirements
supplier development2
Supplier Development
  • SQE’s will conduct Continuous Improvement activities with the suppliers to bring the up to our quality level and expectations
  • Audit suppliers to ensure that they are meeting mandated TS16949 and ISO standards
performance measurement
Performance Measurement
  • Dimensional Measurements
    • Check lamps daily to ensure that we meet current customer requirements
    • Dimensions are charted daily to ensure visually show any trend lines
    • When a point is outside the control limits, engineering is notified to correct the problem
performance measurement1
Performance Measurement
  • Glue Weight Measurements
    • Glue weight is checked every day
    • Charted using SPC Charts to determine the trend line.
    • Report is generated every day to inform people of the current status.
performance measurement2
Performance Measurement
  • Gauge R & R
    • Repeatability and Reproducibility
    • Measures how repeatable the process is
    • 3 different operators will load 30 parts into a gauge and measure the parts
      • Gauge instructions ensure proper loading of the part by all operators
    • The results are entered into a computer to calculate the results
performance measurement3
Performance Measurement
  • Results are reported as a percentage
    • 0 - 9 %: Acceptable measurement system, no action required
    • 10% - 30%: Improvement is encouraged, but may not be desirable
    • >30%: Unacceptable measurement system
performance measurement4
Performance Measurement
  • Capability Studies
    • After successful R & R, parts are measured to determine capability
    • 20 parts are measured
    • After part are measured, the data is analyzed using SPC
    • Based on the CPK value, a determination is made as to the products capability
performance measurement5
Performance Measurement
  • FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
    • Created by Manufacturing Engineer
    • Identifies potential failures prior to creating a process
    • Works with processing departments to ensure accuracy
    • Controlled and living document
performance measurement6
Performance Measurement
  • Control Plan
    • Created by our Quality Engineers
      • Lists each quality measurable for each product and each process
      • Details frequency of quality checks
      • List specific SPC tool to be used for the checks
employee motivation
Employee Motivation
  • NAL has a couple of motivation tools
    • Profit Sharing
      • At the end of fiscal year, NAL will deposit a percentage of salary into 401K
    • Improvement Suggestions
      • Employee will make an improvement suggestion
      • If implemented, employee will receive a percentage of the total money saved
continuous improvement
Continuous Improvement
  • NAL practices continuous improvement every day
    • We live, eat, and breathe it
  • NAL follows a Kaizen philosophy
    • Pick a small problem and implement countermeasures to fix
    • Many small improvements lead to a large amount of savings
continuous improvement1
Continuous Improvement
  • Impact Activities
    • Diverse group that is assembled to fix a problem within the company
    • Group makeup is diverse to allow for a new point of view of the issue
    • Group is dedicated to the activity for an entire week
    • Problems are identified, brainstormed, and countermeasures are implemented
continuous improvement2
Continuous Improvement
  • Problem is studied again and improvement is recorded
  • Group presents findings to management