ma teaching credential program n.
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ma teaching credential program

This presentation will probably involve audience discussion, which will create action items. Use PowerPoint to keep track of these action items during your presentation

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Claremont Graduate University

Teacher EducationPresentation by Rosa Delia Rosas, Credential Analyst

(909) 621-8076 –

sometimes it feels like it
Sometimes it feels like it!
  • But we are always here to HELP!
credential details internship credential
Credential Details – Internship Credential
  • Subject Matter Competence
    • CSET or
    • Waiver (if you are Single Subject)
  • BA Transcript
  • US Constitution Requirement
  • Completion of TLPI and Pre-Internship Teaching
internship credential cont
Internship Credential (cont.)
  • Job OFFER!!!!
  • We cannot file for your internship credential until you have a firm job offer. This is because internship credentials form a contract between CGU and your employer.
filing for your internship credential
Filing for your Internship Credential
  • Make appointment with Rosa as soon as you get a job. You must have a job to file!
  • Bring copy of contract or offer of employment.
  • Turn in all necessary subject matter information.
  • Submit final BA transcript with degree posted.
  • Make sure you have completed your US Constitution requirement.
  • Rosa will apply for your credential online, while you are in her office.
subject matter competence it s important
Subject Matter Competence – It’s important!!!
  • MSAT, PRAXIS, SSAT, CSET, Subject Matter Waiver Letter – WHICH ONE???
  • Subject Matter Workshops – THEY HELP!!
  • If not passed by summer (last CSET exam is 7/21/07) – mandatory enrollment in S.M.Workshop for Fall 2007. ($350, TH, 5-8pm)
  • If not passed by 11/07 – could delay program
  • If not passed by 3/08 – will delay program
how can i get a job without a credential
How can I get a job without a credential???
  • Get a “Status” letter. Districts might ask for a C-19 and you will tell them that universities no longer issue them, but to please use the status letter. (IF of course, you have met all the requirements)
  • You need those exams!!!
  • Have Ann review your resume!!!
  • Do a mock interview.
  • Be relaxed, enthusiastic and confident in your interview. Find out how your admissions interview went.
credential changes what s going on
CLAD Authorization

All general education students will have an SB 2042 Credential which includes CLAD authorization.

CLAD for Ed Specialist

CLAD Certificate needed

You do not apply for it until you file for your preliminary

Separate application and fee is required.

No Child Left Behind

What is Highly Qualified?

YOU ARE! An internship credential meets the definition of highly qualified.

Credential Changes…WHAT’S GOING ON???
credential changes two stages for everyone

Preliminary Credential filed upon completion of the CGU program (August 2008).

Induction Program will most likely be done with your employing district.

Induction Programs are 2 years long.

Then you will receive your Professional Clear Credential.


Level I Credential filed upon completion of the CGU program (August 2008)

Your Level II credential must be earned in a university.

If you complete your Level II credential at CGU, you can use your MA units and receive a federal fellowship to defray costs – SEE LISA

preliminary credential
Preliminary Credential
  • 30 units completed – 28 for Ed Specialists (Courses are identified in your handbook)
  • PLUS everything needed for your internship credential AND…..
  • RICA (Elem & Ed Specialists) – Spring 2008
  • Teacher Union Workshop (All interns)
  • Child Abuse Workshop (All interns)
preliminary credential cont
Preliminary Credential (Cont.)
  • CPR (spring 2008) (Adult, Child & Infant)
  • Observation Hours – due to Rosa no later than July 7, 2008 if you want to apply for your credential in August. You should start your observations during the Fall.
  • $57 per credential – credit card or debit card.
  • $29.50 if you have a certificate of clearance credit with the Commission. Please note that the credit can oly be used for your initial credential.
what if i don t get a job
What if I don’t get a job?
  • You have until January 2008
  • Student Teaching Option
  • MA Option
  • Approximately 10 students did not find jobs last year. Each one had special circumstances that added to that problem (not passing CSET, etc.)
ma details
MA Details
  • 36 Units are required
  • 85% of students choose to complete the MA by the end of the 2nd Summer (August 26, 2008)
  • Many students choose to slow things down and finish their MA in the next Fall or Spring.
  • You will attend a Spring workshop to go over your status and details regarding forms required to file for your MA.
  • July 18, 2008 – Approx. last day to resolve any incompletes.
keep your focus
Keep Your Focus
  • It will be worth it!
  • Its only 19 months!
  • Try not to fall behind – it is hard to catch up.
  • You can extend your time here.
  • Quality training to become a better qualified teacher!
  • Kids’ win!

In Closing…

You WILL impact lives and have an effect on the future!