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Lawrence County Inc. . BEST 2011 “BUGS” competition. GO GREEN!. The purpose of our robot is to capture genetically altered bugs without harm. Generally, pesticides would be used to stop the bugs from multiplying.

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Lawrence county inc

Lawrence County Inc.

BEST 2011 “BUGS” competition.

Go green

  • The purpose of our robot is to capture genetically altered bugs without harm.

  • Generally, pesticides would be used to stop the bugs from multiplying.

  • Our robot will capture the bugs without harm, cut back on chemicals released into our environment, and reduce risk to humans that would otherwise have to capture these bugs themselves.

Why choose ours
Why Choose Ours?

  • Before the creation of our robot, humans would have to find and capture these bugs.

  • Our robot can access places humans could never go.

  • Pesticides are also a potential problem for humans because the effects they can have. Such effects are birth defects in unborn children, nerve damage and certain cancers.

Company demographics
Company Demographics

  • Our company has 10 female employees, 12 male employees, 1 Asian American, 5 Native Americans, and 1 African American.

  • Our company has 11 8th graders, and 7 7th graders. Ages range from 12- 15.

Brainstorming tactics
Brainstorming Tactics

  • Our company compiled many ideas together to create our robot, with the purpose of capturing these bugs without harm.

Team building skills
Team Building Skills

  • Every team member contributed in the making of our robot.

  • 5 members aided in the actual building process.

  • 6 helped write the engineering booklet.

  • 4 worked on the programming.

  • 6 worked on the marketing display.

  • 5 worked on the fundraising and t shirt designs

Offensive and defensive strategies
Offensive and Defensive Strategies

  • Offensive and defensive strategies are pretty much the same.

  • Our drivers will direct the robot to move the cross ties, not allowing other robots into our course.

  • Our goal is to collect all items off the ground before trying to open the cabinet.

Implementation process
Implementation Process

Here at Lawrence County Inc. we have created a common goal to have the best and most efficient product here at the BEST competition. We are dedicated to capturing and returning BEST’s genetically altered bugs safely. We are especially proud of our completely eco- friendly ways of accomplishing our client’s needs.

Publicity efforts
Publicity Efforts

  • Local newspaper, “The Moulton Advertiser” is helping with publicity efforts by writing an article on our company.

  • Lawrence County Inc. has two sponsorships, local restaurant, “Steak- N – Biscuit” and Wal-Mart of Moulton.

Evaluation of design alternatives
Evaluation of design alternatives

  • Our team ran into a few problems during the design process.

  • The arm was originally to be 36 inches long, this caused problems due to the 24 inch game space. This is why our team decided on a bi-fold arm.

  • The claw also had to be evaluated to make sure it was big enough to pick up the bugs and carry them.