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Agent Development Project

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Agent Development Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agent Development Project
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  1. CS 7850 Fall 2004 Agent Development Project 1. Problem Gheorghe Tecuci tecuci@gmu.edu Learning Agents Center and Computer Science Department George Mason University

  2. Domain for hands-on experience Choosing a Ph.D. Dissertation Advisor is a crucial decision for a successful dissertation and for one’s future career. An informed decision requires a lot of knowledge about the potential advisors. In this course we will develop an agent that interacts with a student to help selecting the best Ph.D. advisor for that student.

  3. Domain for hands-on experience What facts to consider when choosing a Ph.D. Dissertation advisor?

  4. Facts to consider when choosing a dissertation director 1. What is the reputation of the director within the professional community at large? 2. How responsive is the director? How long does it take to return written material with comments? Is the director a good editor? 3. How accessible is the director for discussion? 4. Is the director likely to remain on the faculty for the durationg of your degree program? 5. How many students does the potential dissertation director work with? If none, why? If a large number, does this affect the attention that is paid to individual students? 6. How much time is spent away from campus during the semester? Is the potential director available during the summer?

  5. Facts to consider when choosing a dissertation director • 7. How long do students take to complete their degrees with this director? • 8. What fraction of this director's students migrate elsewhere? • What is the placement record of this director's students?Where do they get jobs? • How much freedom will you have in your choice of dissertation topic with this director? • How expert is the director in your areas of interest? • Does the director publish with students? • How many publications does the typical student accumulate with this director? • Does the director have a research group, or merely a string of individual students?

  6. Facts to consider when choosing a dissertation director 15. Is the director's research work funded? 16. What are the funding prospects for the director's studentS? 17. Do the director's students get any summer support? 18. Does the director assist students in obtaining their own funding from such outside sources, such as fellowship programs? 19. Do the director's students go to conferences? 20. Do the director's students make presentations of their work at conferences? 21. Does the director have good relations with other faculty? 22. Does the director have a reputation for ethical behavior? 23. Are the director's work habits and expectations compatible with your own?

  7. Assignment: Understanding the expertise domain Perform a literature search on the subject of choosing a Ph.D. Dissertation Advisor to understand the expertise domain. Attempt to add new facts to the list from the previous viewgraphs. Attempt to add new references to the list on the next viewgraphs. Due date: September 9th, 2004.

  8. Understanding the expertise domain: references • Adams H. G. and Ram A., How to Choose an Advisor, Georgia Tech, • Association for Support of Graduate Student, Dissertation Advisor User's Manual, • Association for Support of Graduate Student, Doc-talk Archive: Advisors, • Azuma R. T., Everything I wanted to know about C.S. graduate school at the beginning but didn't learn until later, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, • Callan P., Questions to Ask When Choosing an Advisor, Harvard University, • Dermer M. L., An Insider’s Guide to Choosing a Graduate Advisor and Research Project in Laboratory Science, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, • desJardins M., How to Be a Good Graduate Student/Advisor, University of Maryland, • Graduate Students' Union, Graduate supervision, University of Toronto, • Indiana University Departmental Handbook, Choosing a Graduate Advisor, • Jensen S., Choosing an Advisor, • Lamanna, M., The Thesis Committee, University of Nebraska Omaha, • Loui M. C., How to Choose a Thesis Advisor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

  9. Understanding the expertise domain: references • Matayas M. L., Good Questions to Ask, • McElroy J. and Altarriba J., The Advisor-Student Relationship: The Cornerstone of a Successful Psi Chi Chapter, • National Academy Press, Advisor, Teacher, Role Model and Friend, • Pratt W., Graduate School Survival Guide, Stanford University, • Ranjith V. J., Choosing an Advisor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, • Redish D., How to survive as a grad student, Carnegie Mellon University, • Student Government Association, Hints for the PhD advisor search, Georgia Tech, • The Australian National University, Guidelines for Supervision and Candidature of Doctoral Research Students, • The Australian National University, Postgraduate Research Guide, • Ward N., How to be a terrible thesis advisor, University of Maryland,