the volkswagen plant the volkswagen plant n.
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The Volkswagen plant The Volkswagen plant PowerPoint Presentation
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The Volkswagen plant The Volkswagen plant

The Volkswagen plant The Volkswagen plant

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The Volkswagen plant The Volkswagen plant

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  1. The Volkswagen plantThe Volkswagen plant The impeccable work ofthe Germans! Translated from Dutch – Cornel 10/2010

  2. Exterior of the factory ... Does it not look like a HOSPITAL?

  3. There is a special train for visitors ... Right to the entrance!

  4. The other one is for deliveries ... Comes directly from the factory!

  5. But pay ....ATTENTION! On the outside everything looks spectacular ...But you will see that the inside is even more amazing.You have no idea how advanced this all is.Have a look !

  6. Automated zone. Each car is build to specification by the customer. Each technician uses hi-tech equipment.

  7. This floor is actually an assembly line and proceeds to the rhythm of the addition of each part after a thorough inspection.

  8. The assembly line is marked with large dots.

  9. The technicians are mounting parts inside the body of the car.

  10. Each post assembly posthas its ownhydraulic bridge.The large dots leftmark the movingfloor that runs continuously.And if the technicians have to work on the underside...

  11. ... There are these "cranes"which move in all thedirections.They are telescopic, so the car can be positionedin any desired positionvery precisely.

  12. A series of mobile cranes: an assembly line …

  13. ... Which brings the car right next to the parts, not vice versa.

  14. An assembly that is done ... as if they were plastic toys!

  15. The engines are mounted, along with the transmissions (right).

  16. Everything isassembledaccording to thewishes of the customer: engine, chassis,type and colorof the body. Look at the control Instruments: they are completely electronic

  17. All required tools are available, perfect and precise.

  18. WHITE is the color of the work clothes: everything must be perfect!

  19. Only the mask and gloves of the surgeon are missing!


  21. The finished cars have to be placed somewhere …

  22. A VW Polo is loaded into the "car tower" in the factory in Wolfsburg (Germany). This tower is a showcase for the visitors who are welcomed every Wednesday (approximately 5,000 per week) when this huge showcase is full. In this factory not only Volkswagens are build, but also Audi's, Bentleys and Lamborghinis.THANKS FOR VISITING!

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