welcome to manor i s d n.
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Welcome to Manor i.s.d .! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Manor i.s.d .!

Welcome to Manor i.s.d .!

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Welcome to Manor i.s.d .!

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  1. Welcome to Manor i.s.d.! Employment documents

  2. Human resources welcomes you to the Manor iSD Family! Please be prepared to complete the online session to ensure that all your paperwork is completed accurately. Your time and effort to go through each of the slides will speed up the onboarding process. Time: 30-45 minutes

  3. Let’s begin with your paperwork…. Did you print a copy of the attached (NEW HIRE PACKET) in your welcome email? Please stop here and print out a copy to continue. Your paperwork needs to be completed neatly and mistake-Free. 

  4. Paperwork attached…Use BlACK or BLUE INK ONLY

  5. Paperwork continued…

  6. Paperwork continued…

  7. Professional Contracts - Professional staff only Congratulations! you Should have received or will be receiving your contract electronically. Please sign and return it back to Lupe Castaneda, Assistant Director of Staffing, at within 2 days of receiving it.

  8. Letters of Reasonable assurance: Paraprofessional & Auxiliary staff only Congratulations! You will receive your letter of reasonable assurance when you turn in your paperwork with human Resources.

  9. Next steps… • Now that you have completed your paperwork, MISTAKE-FREE, please bring your paperwork to the Human Resources office between the hours of 8am -12pm on Fridays only. • When you Drop off your paperwork, you will need to bring the following: YOUR PAPER work, and the acceptable documents listed on the I-9. (I.E. SOCIAL SECURITY CARD and Driver’s License) • READ ALL YOUR Attachments IN THE EMAIL. • Please sign up for your benefit session with Mr. ezequiel Zaragoza, Benefits Coordinator. All employees must attend a Benefit session to sign up or decline health coverage within the first 30 days of employment. No exceptions will be made.

  10. Continue: Salary schedule : TO determine your pay for the school year, please review the attached 14-15 schedule. (It has not been updated for the 15-16 school year) *If you begin the school year after the first day of your contact, your pay will be prorated based on the number of days you will work. Ex. Salary will be determined based on number of days In your contract. EX: First Year Teacher Salary: $44,500 divided by 12 months = Your monthly Salary ; $44,500 Divided by 187 days = Daily Rate ( If you work less than 187 days, you will get paid for those days worked based on your daily rate and then divided by the months left in the school year) Service Records (See attachment) – You will need to turn in an original service record to receive years of credit. It may be best to request that it be sent to you directly to ensure you receive it. After you receive it, you can submit it to HR for salary adjustment. Master’s Degree FOR Teachers only – Receive $1000. You must submit an official transcript to receive this incentive.

  11. Benefits Information: TO sign up for benefits: Contact Mr. Ezequiel Zaragoza at NOTE: you should have received an attachment with the TRS Active Care health benefits information. Please review it prior to meeting with our benefits specialist. For more information GO TO : District Contribution towards your health insurance is $354.00 per month. Other supplemental plans are optional. Contact Information: Ezequiel Zaragoza (512) 278-4018

  12. About your technology: All professional staff who join the MISD family will receive a laptop and an IPAd. The technology devices will be received during the onboarding session on Wednesdays from 8 am – 12 pm.

  13. Compliance Videos: You will be required to complete your compliance video training within 30 days of date of hire. See attached email.

  14. So glad you’re here! I am sure you will make a difference in the life of a child… THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SERVICE!