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Go-Live Support Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Go-Live Support Plan

Go-Live Support Plan

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Go-Live Support Plan

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  1. Go-Live Support Plan

  2. Objective of the Go-Live Support Plan Establish processes to resolve issues in a timely manner

  3. End User Support 1. BRITE LITES 2. Online Help, Work Instructions, Cue Cards, Training Library, Context Sensitive Help within SAP 3. BRITE Support Center – 754-321-8120 4. ERP/SAP Functional Support Team 5. Other Support Tools Go-Live Support Plan

  4. BRITE LITES – First Line of Support BRITE LITES • Primary role is to support the delivery of training and be the first line of support for the end- user community upon Go-live • BRITE LITES deployed across District, Departments and School Zones • BRITE LITES contact information posted on website

  5. On-Line Help • All Processes are published on the ERP website as individual “Work Instructions” • Users can access these instructions by Process Area and view them in multiple formats • As Quick Reference Cards (Cue Cards) • As detailed Work Instructions with supporting screen shots (HTML or PDF) • These Work Instructions are available at: • Training Library • All published Training materials are available from the ERP website under Training tab for reference and follow-up • Context Sensitive Help • When an individual is within the SAP tool – they can link directly to a transaction work instruction for additional information

  6. BRITE Support Center Staffing BRITE Support Center • 4 additional part time resources (staggered shifts) • 2 Support Center full-time staff • 9 Trainers available when they are not delivering training • 2 Retired Principals assisting with training allowing our trainers to remain available for the Support Center • Remedy Incident Manager • Training Manager overseeing BRITE Support Center • Department resources during peak periods will be available to help man the Support Center Extended Hours • Nov 6 - Nov 30 7:30 am to 6:00 pm • Dec 1 - Jan 20 7:00 am to 7:00 pm • Jan 21 - Mar 31 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

  7. Support Center Assistance

  8. Problem Resolution Escalation in Remedy System • Escalation Levels for Problem Resolution L1 - Phone/email (CAB Conference-BRITE and SAP to merge when we go live in February) L2 - Process Analysts and other Departments (ETS, HRD, HRIS, Payroll, Benefits) L3 - Team Leads L4 – SAP Help Ticket (OSS Messages) L5 – Project Management Office (PMO)– Business Process Owner (BPO) Screen Shot of Remedy Solution

  9. SWAT Team • SWAT Team Members are comprised of BRITE Functional Team Staff • Functional Team members will be deployed to Super User Departments for Go-Live • Support to Departments will continue through the first two weeks of Production

  10. Other Supporting Tools • On-line Help available via Business Process Procedure's (BPPs) – InfoPak with work instructions • Online Library • Practice Client- Sandbox for end-users/super-users after attending training • Atomic Learning Tutorials with most frequently requested transactions • Recorded Transactions utilizing InfoPak Simulations • Continually deliver BECON updates • Online Chats • Blackboard eLearning courses • Elluminate narrated instruction/best practice sessions by topic • Live Webcasts (hosted daily then weekly for each go-live) • Audio Bridge • Video Conferencing • BRITE Go-Live Kit • BRITE Go-Live Checklist • Contact List Bookmark • BRITE Cab Conference

  11. Is Your Computer Ready for SAP? • Identifying all users • End user names that resulted from Foundation Level Training follow-up • Super user names that resulted from Department Manager Work Sessions • Crosswalk with current MSA/SAP and Hardware Survey • Upgrades Needed • Minimum specs identified on ERP Website at • Rollout Plan • Videoconference with TLC’s to discuss rollout responsibilities • Sending email to End user/ Super user on how to download and install • SAP Gui, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader • SAP gui installation instructions: http://sapgui:34521/Installing_SAPGUI-710P1.htm • Set up of additional SAP Printers http://sapgui:34521/printer_request_form.htm • Call and send email to District Department Heads/Principals with users that need to install the above • CAB mailbox for District Department Heads/Principals to submit any changes to individuals identified - • Send validation request to District Department Heads/Principals with follow up phone calls • Updating of Existing Computers • Purchase new MACs / PCs to replace outdated computers • Identification of machines that only need upgraded memory • Working with ETS on establishing process for installing necessary hardware

  12. Summary Comprehensive support system that includes: • At Go-Live dates, and for two weeks post Go-Live, our BRITE Support Center will be staffed with a minimum of 9 support personnel and will be opened for extended hours to answer calls and give assistance • BRITE Functional Teams, Training staff, and Organizational Change Management staff have been trained and are already using the Remedy Solution for problem resolution and escalation • Specific Functional Team members and Department resources are available to support users at Go-Live dates • BRITE LITES are ready to be called upon as a first line of defense • We have developed online help including Work Instructions, Cue Cards, Training Library, and Context Sensitive Help within SAP • BRITE Team has developed strategies to ensure identification of all SAP End users and Super users • BRITE Team has developed strategies to ensure that all necessary hardware and software are made available to all SAP End users and Super users