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  1. Please read this before using presentation • This PowerPoint has been produced for the public and is made available for non-commercial use (e.g. toolbox meetings, OHS discussions) subject to the condition that the PowerPoint file is not altered without permission from Resources Safety. • For resources, information or clarification, please contact: • • or visit •

  2. Safety Regulation System (SRS) mine safety information session

  3. What are we going to cover today? What will be covered in this session Overview of SRS (current and future functionality) Notifications – monthly status, injuries, occurrences Communications and task management – including related communications Security – how to register, manage accounts, perform access reviews Approvals Online help

  4. Project Management Plan Radiation Management Plan Mines Safety and Inspection Levy Monthly status Contaminate sampling Notifiable Incidents Company site noise information Injuries Registered officers and samplers Notices Certificates issued Investigations Current functionality SHReps election notifications Audits Under development Future functionality

  5. How do you access the system? Go to

  6. SRS – Home screen The first viewable screen when accessing SRS

  7. Notifications – Summary screen To lodge a notification To view only ‘Summary View’ Click to change the order To amend ‘Open’

  8. Lodge new notification – basic screen rules and navigation Show the pop-up summary view Saved changed data on current step Saved changed data on current step and leave notification Delete the notification Spell check Drop down arrow shows available list Fields with ‘*’ must be entered

  9. Notifications – monthly status • Submit notifications within 15 days after end of calendar month being reported Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995, r. 3.42 Mines Safety and Inspection Levy Regulations 2010, r. 32 • Details employment statistics such as number of employees, employee hours, employee status and contractors • Information used to: • determine industry performance data for injuries (alternative duties, lost time and number of employees onsite) • analyse performance trends • calculate mines safety levy

  10. Lodge new notification (monthly status) Click on the ‘drop down’ arrow to choose notification type

  11. Monthly status – Step 1: Reporting details Message showing any missing monthly status information

  12. Monthly status – Step 2: Employment status Click on ‘Report Nil Stats’ to report zero figures

  13. Monthly status – Step 3: Carry over injuries Link carry over Edit selected row Delete selected row

  14. Monthly status – Step 4: Levy hours

  15. Monthly status – Step 5: Other information Click on the ‘Attach file’ icon to upload attachment (limit of 160MB per attachment ) Click ‘Add’

  16. Monthly status – Step 6: Review Review step indicates any errors within the notification Errors appear in red text and must be actioned Warnings appear in blue text and can be bypassed Symbol shows whether information is correct or requires attention

  17. Monthly status – Step 6: Review (additional information) The symbols shown against each wizard step shows whether the information entered is sufficient and correct

  18. Notifications – Injury • Mining injury notification should be submitted as required under MSI Act s.76 and MSI Regulations r. 3.41: • Injuries to be reported where the accident results in a disabling injury [lost time(L), alternative/restrictive/light duties (A)] • Notification should be completed by the end of accident month and submitted within two weeks of following month • Where injury occurs at end of month, and initial start date for work status is in following month, notification to be submitted at the end of this month • Details of type of injury and its effect on work status • Information is used to: • determine industry performance data for injuries • analyse accident trends and alert industry

  19. Injury notification – Reporting details Once all data entered, step 7 must be completed to submit notification

  20. Notifications – Notifiable Incident • Occurrence form acts as immediate notification for reporting accidents and incidents MSI Act s.76, 78 and 79 MSI Regulations r. 6.36 • Vital information on the type of incident • Information used to: • determine industry performance data for injuries • assist in investigations • analyse incident trends and alert industry

  21. Notifications – Notifiable Incident • Created in the same way as Monthly Status and Injury Notifications

  22. Notifications – Lodge Notifiable Incident Each incident types defined by MSI Regulations Type 14 - potentially serious occurrences is where there is no injury or harm and the occurrence is not defined by any of the other types.

  23. Notifications – Status and search Search for a specific notification

  24. Notifications – Search

  25. Related communications and tasks • Related communications and task management system allows communication between departmental staff and industry via SRS • Easy tracking of queries and information with prompt response • Eliminates need to send to specific individual in Department who may not be immediately available • Once a communication is sent, it is added to ‘Related Communication’ section of the notification. • Communications may be viewed from: • Outlook • ‘Home – Alert or Tasks’ screen from within SRS • ‘Related Communication’ section of notification

  26. Related communication

  27. Alerts and tasks Top three Alerts/‘to-do’ tasks (most recent) displayed towards top of Home Page Tasks To view more alerts/tasks, click on ‘View all Tasks’ or ‘View all Alerts’ link

  28. Communication and task manager • The tasks are displayed in order of due date (oldest to newest) • If you have the authority to complete a task a spanner icon will appear. Click to carry out the task

  29. Managing tasks Click to open Task If Task is not closed off (user forgets to ‘Mark as Complete’), Task will expire on the expiry date if there has been least one ‘Carry out Task – Reply’ actioned by the internal assignees

  30. Security – Registration Two ways to register to use SRS • Online at – you may request access to any of our systems including SRS • Via an industry company administrator – Administrators can view current roles for their company/site, register new users and manage user roles

  31. Security – Registration via the website Click on ‘Register an Account’ Go to

  32. Security – Registration/management of users via a company administrator To manage roles for an existing user Register a Company user and allocate access

  33. Security – Managing roles Allocate available roles Retire a user from the company Remove the role

  34. Security – User access review • Undertake regular ‘security housekeeping’ to ensure only those users that should have access to your information, do have access • Alert sent to all company administrators every three months • Reminder to review users with access to SRS • Complete the review within one week (5 business days) • Reminder will be sent if review is not done

  35. Security – How to complete a user access review Click on the review icon Click on the envelope icon to open the communication Click on ‘Show Detail’ to see contact information Click on ‘Show Roles’ to see the current access

  36. Approvals – Project Management Plan (PMP) • Principal employer or manager must not commence mining operations at a mine until approval of the State Mining Engineer has been procured MSI Act s. 42(3) • Approval request is completed online and submitted to District Inspector where project is located • PMPs are required for: • New operations • Major expansions • Change to existing operations • PMP provides information on actual project taking place (e.g. name of company and site, geology, facilities, project overview)

  37. Approvals – Project Management Plan (PMP) • PMP cannot be amended once approved • Any changes need to be completed via a new PMP (original can be copied to facilitate submission)

  38. Approvals – PMP new submission Select submission type Clicking down arrow shows any previous PMPs submitted that can be copied for new submission Note: Only user who submitted original PMP can copy that PMP

  39. Approvals – Project Management Plan (PMP) Note: PMP submitter is only user who can view and amend it

  40. SRS online help Help link

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