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Open Source CMS: Drupal Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presented by John Kenyon. Open Source CMS: Drupal Overview. Website Management for Today and Tomorrow. Author: John Kenyon. Agenda. What is CMS? Drupal? (& Mambo, Joomla, Plone)? How Do they Work?. Learning Objectives. Describe the general concepts of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS)

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Presentation Transcript
Open source cms drupal overview l.jpg

Presented by John Kenyon

Open Source CMS: Drupal Overview

Website Management for Today and Tomorrow

Author: John Kenyon

Agenda l.jpg

  • What is CMS? Drupal? (& Mambo, Joomla, Plone)? How Do they Work?

Learning objectives l.jpg
Learning Objectives

  • Describe the general concepts of

    • Free/Open Source Software (FOSS)

    • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    • Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Describe specific concepts of Drupal

  • Give examples of how organizations use Drupal

Free open source software foss l.jpg
Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

  • Traditional Software License - Proprietary

    • Don’t Look Inside

    • Official Vendor Modification

    • Vendor Support

  • Open Source Software License - Configurable

    • Look Inside

    • Some User Modification

    • Community Support

Proprietary examples l.jpg
Proprietary Examples

  • Microsoft

  • Adobe

Open source examples l.jpg
Open Source Examples

  • Firefox

  • Open Office

Using open source l.jpg
Using Open Source

  • Staff Time Commitment- Self-support and training of managers and users- Using community-based technical support vs. dedicated vendor-based/paid support- Self-evaluation of “modules” that extend the tools capabilities


Content management system cms l.jpg
Content Management System (CMS)

  • Effective websites have regularly updated content

  • Multiple sections are updated

  • Updating should be easy (word processing)

  • Updating by various authorized users

  • Content Management Systems allow:

    • Multiple staff “updaters”

    • Familiar interface

    • Web page layout and design controls

    • Management of text, audio and video content

    • Ability to “rank” or “weigh” content

    • Constituent interaction

Effective web presence l.jpg
Effective Web Presence

= Multiple Content Sections Regularly Updated

  • Stories

  • News

  • Featured Video

  • eNews

  • Events

  • Seasonal Appeals

  • Fundraising

  • Documents

Content management system cms11 l.jpg
Content Management System (CMS)

Open Source Content Management Systems:

  • Drupal

  • Plone

  • Mambo

  • Joomla

Tool Kit


Foss cms strengths challenges l.jpg
FOSS CMS Strengths & Challenges

  • All are FOSS CMS tools, require technical help to use

  • Drupal - A toolkit with many powerful, flexible toolsStrength - Online communities, web-based applicationsChallenge - Flexibility = Complexity

  • Plone - A single tool Strength - User Friendly default installation Challenge - Less flexibility, less potential

  • Mambo, Joomla - A single tool Strength - Usable/Good design out of the boxChallenge - Web-based applications difficult to do

Foss cms resources l.jpg
FOSS CMS Resources

  • www.opencsourcecms.comTest Drive Open Source Packages

  • www.cmsmatrix.orgCompare CMS Systems

  • updated list of CMS Systems

Drupal l.jpg

  • Open Source

  • Content Management System

  • Community Collaboration Tools

  • Installed on Organization’s Computer

  • Accessed through Internet Interface

  • Community Supported

  • International Translations

  • Powering 75,000+ sites in 2006

Drupal15 l.jpg

  • Has rules, constraints and processes

  • Can be modified in a variety of ways

  • Contains “core” functions: Drupal CoreFunctionality expanded through Modules

  • Takes time to understand, test and configure

  • Customization requires PHP programmer

  • Community helps you configure and support

Websites using drupal20 l.jpg
Websites using Drupal

Taiwanese government blog

Drupal vocabulary modules users l.jpg
Drupal Vocabulary - Modules & Users

  • Drupal CoreThe base installation of Drupal, includes some modules, themes and other add-ons

  • ModulesFiles that add functionality to Drupal, i.e., A “Search” module adds the function of search to a website

  • ThemesDesigns that give the sites a certain look.Modules give themes control of how things look.

  • UserA person who is registered on the Drupal website.Has user name, ID, password and email address

  • RolesHow users are grouped by permissions. Allows posting of content. Defaults are authenticated or anonymous.

Modules l.jpg

  • Modules available online by name, category, date

Drupal vocabulary nodes l.jpg
Drupal Vocabulary - Nodes

  • Node:A piece of content. Can be a picture, blog, etc. anything in Drupal’s “create content” menu

  • Blocks:Places to put content,i.e., sidebar, footer.Modules can add blocks or can be added manually- Check for blocks when adding modules

Nodes and blocks l.jpg
Nodes and Blocks

  • Pieces of content = nodesCan be a picture, a block of text, a blog, audio, video, etc.

  • Content is placed onto page sections,Nodes are placed into Blocks

Top Story:75th Anniversary

Navigation & Search

Program Information



Calendar of Events

Current News Headlines

Drupal cms concepts l.jpg
Drupal CMS Concepts

  • Nodes are placed into blocks

Navigation & Search

Top Story:75th Anniversary

Latest Publication

Youth Outreach

Program Information

Calendar of Events

Current News

Node attributes states l.jpg
Node attributes - “states”

  • You can turn on or off certain node attributes:Published, Moderated, Promoted, Sticky, Revisions

  • Published on - item is visible to authorized usersoff - item visible only to administrators

  • StickyItems are sorted by “stickiness”, then by date, affects their “weight” and where they are listed- July newsletter- June newsletter - May newsletter

Program Information

Calendar of Events

Taxonomy l.jpg

  • A way to categorize contentCategories contain user/admin-defined vocabulary

  • Example:People who post stories on your website about surfing could categorize their posts:- Surfing Spot Info (Best Places/Times) - Environmental Concerns (Erosion, Water Quality) - Equipment Related (Boards, Suits, etc.) - Style and Moves (Handstands, Dogs)

  • Post can then be sorted and searched by categories

Slide33 l.jpg

Taxonomy and Navigation

  • Advanced - Interacts with navigation

  • With advanced version of navigation, can expose taxonomy as navigation blocks

- Surfing Spot Info - Environmental Concerns - Equipment Related - Style and Moves

Profiles overview l.jpg
Profiles - Overview

  • Provide ways of presenting data and data fields

  • Using existing data fields and data, profiles are built to meet specific business process needs for data entry, data viewing or searching for data.

  • Examples:- User Registration - Client Intake Data Entry- Client Search- Client History Summary- Volunteer Skills Synopsis- Conference Presenter Summary

Profiles examples l.jpg
Profiles - Examples

Client 123 Record

Client Data Entry Profile

Client Name

Client Name

Client Address1

Client Address1

Client City

Client Zip

Client State

Client City

Client State

Client Zip

Client Summary Profile

Client Status

Client Name

Client City

Client Programs

Client Status

Client Category

Client Programs

Client Category

Client Comments

Client Comments

Profiles examples37 l.jpg
Profiles - Examples

Client Data Entry Profile



City, State, Zip

  • Data Entry

  • Client Summary

Maria Suarez

1234 Fake Street




Client Summary Profile

Status:Active _X_Inactive ____

Name: Maria Suarez

City: Napa

Categories:_X_ Participant___ Volunteer___ Donor___ Group Leader___ Speaker

Programs:Language Skills ____ Job Interview Skills _____Parenting Skills _X__ Stress Management _X__

Comments:Maria has expressed interest in volunteering after she completes the program in December, 2006. She will begin group leader training in January 2007.

Civicrm drupal delineations l.jpg
CiviCRM/Drupal Delineations

  • Drupal controls website content, functionality and look

  • CiviCRM controls constituent and organizational data

  • CivicSpace is a content-management system that allows your organization to build and maintain online and offline communities.

  • Civic Action, PICnet, RTPNet, John Kenyon and others provide consulting and training services to support implementation of CiviCRM. Some also provide consulting or programming in Drupal, i.e., Thorenware, Lullabot.

Drupal cms review l.jpg
Drupal CMS Review

  • Users are grouped by Roles

  • CORE functions enhanced by Modules

  • Content Nodes are placed in Blocks

  • Themes give sites and Modules their look

  • Categories created through Taxonomy

  • Profiles aid data manipulation and presentation

Questions and discussion l.jpg
Questions and Discussion

  • Your Experience

  • Organizational Capacity

  • Website Improvements

  • How do I…