Online transcript processing understanding the alternatives
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Online Transcript Processing: Understanding the Alternatives. PACRAO | Nov. 9, 2010. What does the electronic transcript landscape look like today?. XML. EDI. “Push”. “Trusted Network”. Digitally Signed. “Secure” PDF. “Pull”. sFTP. Email. “Certified” PDF. Rights Management.

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Presentation Transcript

What does the electronic transcript landscape look like today l.jpg
What does the electronic transcript landscape look like today?




“Trusted Network”

Digitally Signed

“Secure” PDF




“Certified” PDF

Rights Management

Examples of trusted networks l.jpg
…examples of “trusted networks” today?

Vendor Networks

Texas Server

Regional Hubs


Direct School to School Relationship

ETran CA



When does each format make sense l.jpg
When does each format make sense? today?





  • EDI – Every school most likely has an EDI receiving school as one if it’s top receivers…University of Phoenix

  • XML – Ideal format for school to school transactions due to receiving capabilities

  • PDF – Ideal for third parties or issued to student

    • Secure PDF – authenticity can be verified by PDF originator

    • Certified PDF – authenticity can be verified by “digitally signing” the document with a 3rd party (Adobe)

We re sending electronically but why aren t we more productive l.jpg
We’re sending electronically, but why aren’t we more productive?


Many institutions struggle to find new efficiencies despite electronic capabilities.

  • Manual Upload

  • Nothing tied to order request in system

  • Staff making fulfillment decisions

So how can electronic transcripts make us more productive l.jpg
So how can electronic transcripts make us more productive? productive?

  • The key to leveraging this technology is to tie the front-end ordering system to your back-end fulfillment.

  • Entity database to recognize trading relationships

  • Dynamic fulfillment options based on recipient type

  • Automated fulfillment to avoid staff intervention

  • Reduce or eliminate “fixed costs” to print and mail


What is the impact on my transcript production costs l.jpg
What is the impact on my transcript production costs? productive?




Hard Costs

Let’s take a look at how the study breaks out the costs


A Department of Education Study in 1997 concluded that a paper transcript costs the average institution $4.35 to produce today.

Automated production with roboregistrar l.jpg
Automated Production with RoboRegistrar productive?®


RoboRegistrar®is a Java-based software that acts as the “middle man” between Credentials Solutions and the school.



Components of labor costs l.jpg
Components of labor costs productive?

Data Entry



Hold Checking

and Release

Locating Records



and Mailing


Data entry l.jpg
Data Entry productive?

Allow your students and alumni to help themselves

  • The first step to transcript automation is online ordering

    • By encouraging students to order online, you reduce the data entry responsibility of your staff

    • Eliminate difficulty of reading hand-written forms

    • Provide 24/7 ordering access for students/alumni

    • Once the order information is online, you’re able to automate many other processes ranging from hold checking to electronic fulfillment


Authentication l.jpg
Authentication productive?

Consider your ENTIRE audience

  • Current students appreciate online ordering, but what about your alumni?

    • In order to maximize the impact of your online option, both current and former students need access

    • Partnering with The Ohio State University and the University of California – Berkeley, Credentials developed a process that electronically authenticates 70% of former students OUTSIDE of the student information system

      • By comparing credit card data with various pieces of non-directory information, alumni are not required to remember a student ID number


Hold checking and release l.jpg
Hold Checking and Release productive?

Help students help themselves

  • Get the records staff out of the hold business!

    • Set system up to relieve your staff from having to manually manage holds

      • Communications should be specific so that students are able to resolve issues with a single phone call…to the correct department

      • System must automatically recognize when holds satisfied and subsequently release the transcript request

      • Avoid unfriendly policies such as preventing students from placing an order as this can generate unnecessary phone calls


Communication l.jpg
Communication productive?

Answer their questions before they ask them

  • The key to saving your staff time is to keep them off the phones

    • Online system must communicate proactively with order status updates

    • Students need to be able to log in to check status of order

    • What’s the most effective way to communicate with students today?

Locating records offline l.jpg
Locating Records – Offline productive?

Streamline your archived records process

  • Use what you already have online to help your staff.

    • Online system must identify and segregate those records which are offline

    • All recipient information has already been entered into the system so there’s no need to re-key it!

    • Allow your staff to print batches of archived requests so that they can handle several archived requests at a time.

    • Automate the printing of envelopes or labels regardless of where the transcript is printed.


Customer service csr crm l.jpg
Customer Service-CSR & CRM productive?

  • Help leverage your staff to work on problem orders and provide other help functions to students for successfully entering their order.

    • Online links to “Check The Status Of My Order”.

    • All the milestones listed with dates and times of completion.

    • Customer Service Representatives available from 7am-7pm CST Mon-Thu and 7am-5pm Fri.

    • Your staff provided with Client Relationship Manager that maintains your online form, works on problem orders and launches new upgrades as they are released.


Quantifying labor savings l.jpg
Quantifying Labor Savings productive?

By automating the majority of the transcript production labor, we can calculate the potential cost savings.


Based on the Department of Education study, the average transcript process costs an institution $3.27 in labor costs.

Thank you for attending l.jpg
Thank you for attending! productive?

Margaret Freeman


Tom McKechney