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Hungary compared to the United States of America PowerPoint Presentation
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Hungary compared to the United States of America

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Hungary compared to the United States of America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hungary compared to the United States of America

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  1. Hungary compared to the United States of America

  2. Type of Government / Constitution

  3. USA Hungary Title of leader: President President Barack Obama Comparison of leaders Current Leader: JánosÁder Elected: May 10nth 2012 November 4th 2008 5 years 4 years Length of term: Background/ Qualifications required: Must be at least 35, natural born citizen N/A

  4. Hungary USA National Assembly Congress Lawmaking body Bicameral or unicameral: Unicameral Bicameral Name of their lawmaking body: Number of people: 386 535

  5. Rights Does Hungary have religious freedom? Yes and no. In Hungary you can be whatever religion you wish to be, but not all churches are recognized by the state. If a church is not recognized they don’t receive funding or benefits to stay open. Does Hungary have freedom of Speech/Press? Yes, Hungary has Freedom of Speech and Press. Many people say however, that these freedoms are only partly free due to a new media legislation from 2011. Does Hungary have the right to bear arms? Yes, they do have the right to bear arms. To be permitted one must get permission from the Hungarian Police, a psychological test (some cases) and hunting or rifle club membership is required for: semi-automatic rifles (hunting gun, shotgun, handgun).

  6. Political Parties Two party system Multiparty system Hungary • Democratic • American liberalismInternal factions: • Progressivism • Centrism • Conservatism • Civil libertarianism • Liberal populism • Fidesz • major national conservative • National conservatism • Conservatism • Soft euroscepticism • Populism USA • Republican • Conservatism • Internal factions: • • Fiscal conservatism • • Social conservatism • • Neoconservatism • • Conservative populism • • Centrism • • Libertarianism Hungarian Socialist Party • social-democratic • liberal, free market policies • Centre-left

  7. 18 years of age; U.S. citizenship, those born in the United States or naturalized immigrants Hungary USA 18 years of age; Hungarian citizenship including naturalized citizens; residence in Hungary at the time of election. Elections and Voting How often are elections held in this country? Elections are held every five years for the president Elections are held every four years for the president Voting age & qualifications to vote Types of elections held General, local Primaries, general, an local

  8. Taxes and Government finance Do they charge an Income tax?: Yes, Hungary charges an income tax. This tax rate is 16%, there are reduced tax rates for certain incomes. Other ways the government makes money: In 2013 a new tax was passed for foods with salt to encourage healthier eating habits. The tax raised $77.8 million dollars in one year.

  9. Country’s spending Military: 3.8% of GDP 0.8% GDP Education: 5.2% of GDP 5.5% of GDP 17.7% GDP 7.9% GDP Health care:

  10. Law 11.88 million per year 420,782 Prison Population: 17,862 2.02 million Crime rates: No death penalty Punishments (death penalty): Death penalty • The U.S. legal system is in part inherited from English common law and depends on an adversarial system of justice • The majority of legal disputes in the U.S. are settled in state courts, but federal courts have considerable power. • The Hungarian court system is based on the German-Austrian legal system, and has a statue-based civil and criminal law system. The main sources of law are: • the constitution • acts of parliament • governmental and ministerial decrees • EU law Court system:

  11. Current relations with the United States Hungary and the United States have a bilateral relation. Bilateralism consists of the political, economic, or cultural relations between two sovereign states.