Holes by louis sacher
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HOLES By: Louis Sacher. By: Rigoberto Rosas. Main Character.

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Holes by louis sacher

HOLESBy: Louis Sacher

By: Rigoberto Rosas

Main character
Main Character.

  • Stanley Yelnats he got to go to Camp Green Lake because they were saying that he stole a pair of shoes. He did not the pair of shoes they had fell out of the sky but no one believe him so that’s how he went to Camp Green Lake.

Letter to mom
Letter to Mom.

  • Dear Mom,

  • Today at Camp Green Lake a had a lot of fun. I have already made friends and a little problem but my new friends help me solve them. I miss you a lot mom and I wish you were here to see all the great things I’m doing. I went swimming and rock climb it’s a really big lake.

    Love, Stanley

Campers at camp green lake
Campers at Camp Green Lake..

  • Squid- tall and long neck..

  • X-Rey- can’t see very well..

  • Barf Bag- stupid..

  • Caveman- kind of fat..

  • Magnet- wants to be an animal trainer..

  • Armpit- chubby and musty..

  • Zig Zag- is mean..

  • Zero- he have nothing in his mind..

Personnel at camp green lake
Personnel at Camp Green Lake..

  • Mr. Sir- don’t like Stanley..

  • Warden- very nice to Stanley until he finds the treasure..

  • Mr.Pendanski- his nice..

Problem resolution


  • Goes to Camp Green Lake…


  • Finds KB treasure..

  • He takes Zero up to the mountain and lifts his great greats grandfather’s cruse and digs one more hole..