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Contextual Studies

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Contextual Studies. Sarah Dillon. Matt Wisniewski. Matt Wisniewski.

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contextual studies

Contextual Studies

Sarah Dillon

matt wisniewski1
Matt Wisniewski

“Once you come across the work of Matt Wisniewski, you cannot help but be captivated by the magical air evoked through the infusion of natural elements into the heads and the bodies of his visual characters” (yatzer, 2012)


Matt Wisniewski

“Natural elements tend to be a little simpler and fit together a bit more obviously with the portraits than urban elements” (lightbox, 20102).


Matt Wisniewski

“I'm inspired by what we're capable of”


Imogen Cunningham

  • “From bold, evocative nudes to starkly beautiful still life's, Imogen Cunningham's impressive body of work has garnered her worldwide acclaim, one of the first women to make her living as a photographer” masters-of-photography, date unknown).

Imogen Cunningham

“renowned as one of the greatest American women photographers” (photographywest, 2009)


Imogen Cunningham

“A print of the Magnolia Blossom, one of the most beautiful photographs I've ever owned” Ansel Adams


Martin Usborne

“some of the funniest and darkest work” (styletails, 2013)


Martin Usborne

“Silence and solitude prevail as the canines’ expressions shift from sad to expectant, angry and dejected. Seemingly sheltered and protected, yet utterly vulnerable, they wait, trapped, appearing to be uncertain of what lies ahead” (yatzer, 2014)


Martin Usborne

  • “it’s clever, sweet, funny and moving” (mentalhealthy, 2013)


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