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Jared Koeck - Windham, NH PowerPoint Presentation
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Jared Koeck - Windham, NH

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Jared Koeck - Windham, NH - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jared Koeck conducted the interviews with different authoritative people during the time of his service and gathered the information about the sales, prices, different marketing strategies and changing marketing trends. Find out more about him at his official site https://jaredkoeck.net/

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jared koeck

Jared Koeck

Former Account Map Specialist (Research Analyst), By Appointment Only,

Inc. (BAO)

jared koeck is a passionate marketed researcher

Jared Koeck is a passionate marketed researcher. Jared

also has been working in account management field

for few years.

he has been committed to his work and it made

He has been committed to his work and it made

him learn a lot about market research, its changing

trends and sales secrets.

he has the hobbies of reading cooking travelling

He has the hobbies of reading, cooking, travelling

and museums. Jared Koeck worked for BAO, Inc as

the Market research Specialist from 2014 to 2015

and then promoted to the position of Account

Map Specialist in 2015 but in 2016 he had to leave

this position because of his studies.

jared koeck has extensive experience in market

Jared Koeck has extensive experience in market

research, account management, creative leadership

and academic training.

jared koeck is living in windham new hampshire

Jared Koeck is living in Windham, New Hampshire

and he was brought up at the same place by his

loving parents.

jared koeck belongs to the profession

Jared Koeck belongs to the profession of marketing

research and account management. He also has

some experience of doing the academic training.

jared koeck has graduated in political science

Jared Koeck has graduated in Political Science

from University of New Hampshire Durham, NH

in 2013. And in 2017.

jared koeck is an mba degree holder

Jared Koeck is an MBA degree holder and he received

this degree from Boston University Questrom School of

Business in 2017.