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Manhattan Beach March. John Philip Sousa. Recordings. Listen to the differences! Sousa's Band Recent Version. Military Form: Intro First Strain Second Strain Trio (Key Change!) Break Strain Trio Restated. Regimental Form Intro ll:A:ll ll:B:ll ll:C:ll (Trio) ll:D:ll -for parades

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Manhattan beach march

Manhattan Beach March

John Philip Sousa


Listen to the differences!

Sousa's Band

Recent Version

March form

Military Form:


First Strain

Second Strain

Trio (Key Change!)

Break Strain

Trio Restated

Regimental Form




ll:C:ll (Trio)


-for parades

-shorter than military

March Form

What form is Manhattan Beach March?

Regimental or Review form

Let s listen to each section
Let's Listen to each section.

What do they make you think of?

Emotions? Events? Other songs?

What is different in MBM from other marches you’ve heard?


  • Manhattan Beach March

    • Shorter than many marches

    • Dynamics: for a Parade

      Written for opening of Manhattan Beach Resort

      Written as a parade song



Intro: Excited

A: Light, bright, playful

B: Grand, stately

C: Lyrical, smooth


  • Sousa drew on popular and historical music

    • Jazz

    • Ragtime

    • Brass Bands

    • Spirituals (Third Strain of MBM)

Functions within a march
Functions Within a March

  • Keep time!

    • Tempo: half not =132

    • In two

  • Move to dance/celebrate

  • Intro

    • Grabs your attention

  • Dynamic Changes

    • Maintain interest

  • Trio

    • Switch it up, keep things interesting

How do we serves those functions
How do we serves those functions?

  • Dynamic Control

    • Each Strain is repeated. Keep it interesting!

  • Articulation

    • Light

    • Non-slurred notes: shorter than written

    • Accents: add weight, add space

  • Tone

    • Keep it light!

Function continued
Function continued:

  • Listen

    • Who has the melody?

    • Harmony?

    • Who leads?

    • Who supports?

    • What is the percussion doing?

  • Watch the conductor!!!

Cross curricular activity
Cross-Curricular Activity

Visual Art:

-Distribute 2 pieces of blank paper to the ensemble. Have ensemble divide papers in half.

-Play audio recording of Manhattan Beach March in segments (AA then BB, etc)

-Have the students draw the overall sound they hear of each section. Have them think pitch, dynamic, timbre, articulation, etc.

Teacher s note
Teacher’s Note

-Compare. Have students share with one another, and then through a guided discussion.

-Purpose: The variance in dynamics, articulation, and timbre, and the rigidity of tempo and form are essential to executing this piece correctly. This activity will help the students compare and understand these concepts visually, aurally, and kinesthetically.