dimensions of circles n.
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DIMENSIONS OF CIRCLES. ENG 205 CE-ME-MECE-MSE. VOCABULARY. CIRCLE ( noun ):. a completely round flat shape The plane made circles around the airport. OUTER CIRCLE ( adjective+noun ):. The bigger circle that forms the outside of something

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dimensions of circles


ENG 205


circle noun
CIRCLE (noun):

a completely round flat shape

  • Theplanemadecirclesaroundtheairport
outer circle adjective noun
OUTER CIRCLE (adjective+noun):

The bigger circle that forms the outside of something

  • Theoutercircle is theoutside of thetyre.
inner circle adjective noun
INNER CIRCLE (adjective+noun):

Thesmallercirclethatformsthe inside of something

  • Theteachermadetwocircles, andnowtheinnercircle is speaking.
diameter noun
DIAMETER (noun):
  • a straight line going from one side of a circleto the other side
  • Thediameter of thisoldtree is 50 cm.
centre noun
CENTRE (noun):

the middle point or part ofsomething

  • There is a hugetable in thecentre of theroom.
central adjective
CENTRAL (adjective):

Inthecentre of an areaorobject

  • Ankara is a citythat is in thecentralparts of Turkey.
concentric circles adjective noun
CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (adjective+noun):


  • Inthisphoto, therearecolourfulconcentriccircles.
circular adjective
CIRCULAR (adjective):

Shapedlike a circleor ring

  • TheColosseum of Italy has a circularshape.
radius noun
RADIUS (noun):

distancebetween the centre of a circle and its outer edge

  • Theradius of a circle is halfitsdiameter.

Radii (plural)

circumference noun

Aline that goes around a circle 

  • Thecircumference of Earth is almost 25000 miles.
constant radius adjective noun
CONSTANT RADIUS (adjective+noun):

Theradiusthatdoes not change.

  • Thistyre has a constantradius.
round adjective
ROUND (adjective):

Shapedlike a circleor a ball

  • Football is playedwith a roundball.
deform verb
DEFORM (verb):

To change the normal shape of something

  • Thistreewasdeformedby a strongwind.
deformation noun

A change in the normal shape of something

  • The illness caused a deformation in her hands.
arc noun
ARC (noun):

A curved line between two points along the circumference of a circle

  • The arc of the rainbow looks beautiful.
curved adjective
CURVED (adjective):

Having a round shape

  • The sofa in our livingroom has a curved shape.
curve noun
CURVE (noun):

A line that bends and has no angles

  • There is a curve on the graph on this page.
deformed adjective
DEFORMED (adjective):

Having a shape that is not normal

  • You should change your tyres regulary. It is dangerous to use deformed tyres.
chord noun
CHORD (noun):

A straight line that connects two points on a curve

  • A chord is not a curved line.
rounded adjective
ROUNDED (adjective):

Having a round shape

  • We bought a new table with rounded edges. The old one had sharp edges.
inside diameter bore id adjective noun
INSIDE DIAMETER/BORE (ID) (adjective + noun):

The inside width of a pipe

  • The pipe has an inside diameter of 7 cm.
outside diameter od adjective noun
OUTSIDE DIAMETER (OD) (adjective+noun):

The outside width of a pipe

  • The pipe has an outside diamater of 9 cm.
crown noun
CROWN (noun):

The top of the outside of the pipe, the highest part of something

  • There is a Turkish flag at the crown of this hill.
invert noun
INVERT (noun):

The bottom of the inside of the pipe

  • The invert level of the pipe means the lowest level inside the pipe.