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Automated meter data management software. PrimeRead Software. Better device data access. PrimeRead software gives utilities multi-vendor, automated data collection offers large-scale commercial and industrial (C&I) data acquisition. PrimeRead software provides:

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Automated meter data management software

Automated meter data management software

PrimeRead Software

December 2008

PrimeRead Software

Better device data access
Better device data access

  • PrimeRead software gives utilities multi-vendor, automated data collection offers large-scale commercial and industrial (C&I) data acquisition.

  • PrimeRead software provides:

    • Communications network flexibility

    • Configurable data validation

    • A true Windows interface

    • Meter data management for AMI

    • Validation, estimating and editing

Primeread software summary
PrimeRead software summary

  • A multi-tier, open architecture makes PrimeRead software flexible and scalable

  • Support for industry-standard SQL Server and Oracle databases allows data exchange with other corporate information systems such as:

    • Billing

    • Operations

    • Customer Information Systems

    • SCADA

    • Power Quality Systems

    • Energy Balance and Losses

    • ISO/RTO

  • Securely store information in one central database

Primeread software summary1
PrimeRead software summary

  • Easily read and display power quality information from your meters

  • Import interval data, waveforms, PQ events and more from multiple utility devices (electricity, water and gas)

Primeread software operations
PrimeRead software operations

  • Business Analysis for easy ad-hoc reporting, scheduled reporting, graphing and exporting data

  • Set up call schedules, make on-demand calls and perform troubleshooting communications

  • Configure devices, system parameters, customer information, TOU schedules and groups

  • Unpack data retrieved from meters and store it in the centralized, secure database. Easily troubleshoot and log issues with this tool

  • Configure automatic and user-defined validation routines and schedules, or access the estimation and editing functions

  • *Unlisted modules are Importer and I/O

Key features



Open architecture

Backward compatibility with legacy systems

Advanced user interface

Global parameters

User-defined fields for customer and for devices

Channel, registers, event and waveform download

Advanced port group functionality

Online data analysis

Groups or data aggregation structures

Time of Use

Unlimited scheduled reporting

Automated data collection

Online data validation

Audit log for configuration and validation

Key features

Extensive device support

Elster – ABB

Alpha I

Alpha II or Plus

Alpha 3


REX – MAS Residential

IEC A-1000 series

Actaris SL-7000

Aldana Enerlux

American Innovations

Cewe Prometer


Extensive device support

  • Datapro Datapower

  • Electro Industries

    • Nexus 1250 DNP and Modbus

    • Nexus 1270 DNP and Modbus

  • EDMI

    • K3

    • K6

  • ELO Spectra

  • EMH Elgama

  • First Point TDS-2

Extensive device support continued

General Electric


Phase 3






Poreg 2

L+G – Bayard











Nansen Spectrum












Hunt Power

Emon IDR

Emon MS-5000

Extensive device support (continued)

Extensive device support continued1

Scientific Columbus – Ametek




Mark V


Schlumberger - Itron

Datastar Recorder

Fulcrum SL 320

Fulcrum SQ-400


Quantum (Q100 & Q200 series)

Quantum QDIP




Maxsys 2410

Maxsys 2510

Quad 4 Plus (w/o Superboard)

Quad 4 Plus (Superboard)

Sentry Recorder 200




Standard Protocols

IEC 61107


IEC 870-5-102

ANSI C12.19

Extensive device support (continued)

Multi networking


Cellular (TDMA, CDMA & GSM)

Cellular digital CDMA 1X-RTT/EVDO, GPRS/EDGE

Fixed IPs

Dynamic IPs

CDPD (point to point and TCP/IP)

Satellite (TCP/IP)

Daisy Chain master-slave

Optical Probes




Utilinet – Cellnet


Power line carrier (PLC)

RS-232 Direct

RS-485 (multi-drop)


Line Simulators

Line splitters



Multi tiered open architecture
Multi-tiered, open architecture

  • Flexible enough for application distribution over a network environment or over a geographically dispersed area

  • Dynamically updates all stored information each time you perform an operation

  • Supports industry-standard SQL Server and Oracle databases

  • A native 32-bit application provides all current Windows operational and connectivity options and decreases the learning curve

Open architecture
Open architecture

Analysis and







Central Data Base:


SQL Server

Client – Server


Mobile Users


W2000, XP, SP2, 2003 Server

Backward compatibility with legacy systems
Backward compatibility with legacy systems

  • PrimeRead software’s relational database provides:

  • Fast import of historical data into the software

  • A universal import and export engine for exporting data as flat files or XML to billing systems, SCADA or data warehouses:

  • Support for specific formats:

    • MV-90 Masterfile import

    • Lotus PRN import/export

    • EU export

    • MDEF export

    • EDI 867 import/export

    • Lodestar export

    • XML

    • CMEP

Advanced user interface
Advanced user interface

  • Outlook-style interface with:

    • Navigation bars

    • Floating toolbars

  • Develop grids that allow you to:

    • Group

    • Sort

    • Filter

    • Select columns

  • Create ad-hoc reports with grid information

  • Grid information can be exported to:

    • Text

    • HTML

    • Excel

    • XML

  • Grids allows volume handling of data

Global parameters with individual customization
Global parameters with individual customization

  • On-line data validation for the following validation checks:

    • Energy Tolerance

    • Interval Tolerance

    • Zero Tolerance

    • Non-Zero Tolerance

    • Time Tolerance

    • Overflow Tolerance

Global parameters with individual customization1
Global parameters with individual customization

  • DST

    • Global parameter that may be customized individually

  • Time Synchronization

    • Global parameter that may be customized individually

User defined customer and device fields
User-defined customer and device fields

  • 50 User-defined fields for:

    • Customers

    • Devices

  • These fields are associated in the database and:

    • Link customer data with external information systems

    • Link device data with external information systems

    • Store custom information

Channel registers and event download
Channel, registers and event download

  • User-defined channel definitions

    • These are associated to the physical channels inside the devices

  • Registers may be downloaded from the devices

    • Registers may be selected for download

  • Events and power quality data may be downloaded

Advanced port group functionality
Advanced port group functionality

  • For serial port data collection only

  • Allows similar ports on several workstations to launch calls

  • Scheduled calls are in the database, not the data collection station

  • Provides load balancing between the data collection workstations

  • Provides a fault tolerant operation

  • Allows specific modem configuration strings to be assigned to port and device combination

Online data analysis
Online data analysis

  • Business Analysis Module features:

    • Online data analysis using decision cubes

    • Based on creation of simple filters:

      • Multiple filters may be applied

      • Unlimited number of filters may be created

      • Filters may be used in other areas in the application

    • Graphs may be generated from the cube data

      • Multiple types of graphs

Groups and data structure
Groups and data structure

  • Unlimited number of groups or data structures may be created thus allowing:

    • Totalization or aggregation

    • Device characterization and data mining functionality

    • Groups, which may be used for:

      • Reports

      • Decision cube in Business Analysis Module

      • Call groups

  • Totalization is accomplished using dynamic tables

Time of use
Time of Use

  • Based on creation of TOU calendars

    • Create an unlimited number of calendars

  • Apply any of the following attributes:

    • Seasons

    • Day types, each day type may have its own TOU rate structure

      • Up to 365 day types for each calendar

    • TOU rates

      • Up to 48 changes per day

  • The calendars are applied dynamically to the database

  • View the calendars applied to the database in the Business Analysis Module

Scheduled report generation
Scheduled report generation

  • Based on Crystal Reports

  • Create an unlimited number of reports

  • Or choose from more than 100 standard reports

  • Schedule report generation

  • Generate reports in a variety of formats including:

    • EU

    • Lotus PRN

    • EDI 867

    • Lodestar

    • Excel

    • HTML

    • Word

    • CSV

Automated data collection
Automated data collection

  • Calls can be permanently scheduled:

    • Individually

    • Using groups

  • Data collection may be accomplished using multiple data collection stations

  • No user intervention is required for data collection

Online data validation
Online data validation

  • Validation is automatic for selected channels

  • The channel data has a flag that allows verification of the validation from an external source

  • Validation may be accomplished on any workstation in the system

  • Interactive data estimating

  • Manual data editing

Audit log for configuration and validation
Audit log for configuration and validation

  • Allows tracking of changes made in both Configuration and Validation modules

In conclusion
In conclusion…

  • PrimeRead software is an easy to use tool

  • Provides multi-vendor, automated data collection for utilities

  • Offers communications network flexibility, configurable data validation and a true Windows interface

  • Makes C&I data collection more flexible, scalable and reliable

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