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  • Uploaded on Nathan Howton ABC Biography. Introduction. Ruby Bridges was a brave little girl. She was the first African

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Ruby Bridges was a brave little

girl. She was the first African

American to be enrolled in an all white school. But the catch was she was only six years old. She was frightened, but she took on the challenge and became one of the most famous people in American History.


  • Ruby was afraid for her life and her family’s lives. Because her dad lost his job and was told not to come to any nearby stores. Also because she was the only black kid in an all white school. Although she knew she was not alone when she got a call from people in Mississippi telling her they were praying for her.
being an author
Being an Author
  • Ruby Bridges has written many books. Some even on her journey when she was a six-year-old. Her most famous that she wrote is, Through My Eyes.

  • Ruby Bridges has four children. There is Sean, Craig, Christopher, and the last one is unknown.
daddy s little girl
Daddy’s Little Girl
  • Rudy bridges was the one child out of four daughter. Born to Abon and Lucille Bridges.
empty classroom
Empty Classroom

When Ruby got to school, her classroom was empty.

  • Ruby was the oldest child out of eight children. On September 8, she was born in Tylertown Mississippi. When she was only four years old, she moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Ruby’s parents were scared for her and themselves. Ruby always said to her mother, “Daddy is scared, but why won’t he tell me.”

hall malcom
Hall, Malcom
  • Ruby Bridges got married to Malcom Hall. So her name is Ruby Hall, but she is still known as Ruby Bridges.

  • Back in the 60’s, it was illegal for black people to do many things. So Ruby could have been arrested, if her going to an all white school hadn’t been ok with the president.
the judge

The Judge
  • The judge in charge of Ruby’s case sentenced her to go to an all white school.
  • The KKK did some horrible thing s to Ruby, but to make them look like fools, she didn’t care.

legislator state
Legislator, State
  • The Louisiana state legislator had found ways to fight the federal court order and slow the process down.

mom quote
Mom (quote)

"Our Ruby taught us all a lot. She became someone

who helped change our country. She was part of history,

just like generals and presidents are part of history.

They're leaders, and so was Ruby. She led us away from

hate, and she led us nearer to knowing each other,

the white folks and the black folks."

- Mom

new orleans
New Orleans
  • In New Orleans, Louisiana in 1957, the governor of Louisiana called the National Guards to prevent nine children from getting into school. Three years later in 1960, the President of the United States sent four federal agents to let six-year-old Ruby Bridges to enroll her in an ALL WHITE SCHOOL.

oprah winfrey
Oprah Winfrey
  • Ruby was first reunited with Mrs. Henry (her teacher) on, The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996. They hadn’t seen each other in thirty-five years. Now not only do they stay in touch, they often do book signings together.

  • Ruby was very, very scared. She was afraid to eat and sleep. This is because every day she went to school, there was a woman outside of the school yelling and screaming, “I am gonna’ poison you, you stupid n****r!”

quote from her mom
Quote (From Her Mom)
  • "Our Ruby taught us all a lot. She became someone              who helped change our country. She was part of history,             just like generals and presidents are part of history.             They're leaders, and so was Ruby. She led us away from              hate, and she led us nearer to knowing each other,             the white folks and the black folks."            
rough times
Rough Times
  • Ruby HAD to go to school with the whites.
  • Ruby took a sandwich to school everyday. After janitors found bug in them.
the first day of school
The First Day of School
  • For ruby the first day of school wasn’t the same as our first day of school. People woke up to take their kids to school but not let them go inside to learn. They were there to protest. They were against Ruby going there. She was very scared, because of all the horrible comments. Somebody even brought a put her picture in it.

  • She didn’t understand what racism was until the end of first grade. She finally had a few peer. What helped her understand was when a boy on the playground said, “I can’t play with you. My mama said not to ‘cause you’s a n****r.”

vi six years old poem by rose marie roybal
VI (six) Years Old Poem by: Rose Marie Roybal

Mom said, "My God, what have I done?"

She spoke her hear

Ruby Bridges

She did her part

Ruby Bridges

She reflected

Ruby Bridges

We were affected

Ruby Bridges

That little child

Ruby Bridges

That world beguiled

Ruby Bridges

By a little child

Ruby Bridges

Who changed the course of history

Ruby Bridges

No longer a memory

But a reality

who? "Ruby Bridges"

william fratz
William Fratz
  • William Fratz Elem. was the school ruby went to.
x cepting
  • When Ruby discovered she was going to go to an all white school, she excepted that she had to. She felt beyond frightened, but she decided she was going to do it.

  • You might wonder why Ruby did this. It is because she felt it was her calling. Besides, if she hadn’t we would probably would still be segregated.
  • Ruby was a very zany girl (when people were not protesting against her). She was lovable, nice sweet girl. Her mama always made comments about her being so sweet.
  • Ruby was a very brave woman and had lots of courage. Ruby set an example that all of us can follow. She is very famous for her work on the Civil Rights Act, just like MLK or Rosa Parks. If we all saw the world as, as beautiful as they saw it, it would be that beautiful.



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