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-EU. Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) & Universität des Saarlandes. Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz. EACEA/01/06. Erica Melis & George Goguadze. Plan: 1.1.2007 – 30.6.2008.

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Presentation Transcript

Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI)

& Universität des Saarlandes

Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz


Erica Melis & George Goguadze

plan 1 1 2007 30 6 2008
Plan: 1.1.2007 – 30.6.2008

Main goals: dissemination and exploitation of results of LeActiveMath

  • Work to be done
    • WPs and WP leaders
  • Workplan
  • Obligations of the Coordinator
  • Obligations of the co-beneficiaries
  • Organization
  • Finances
  • Reporting Procedure
wp 1 exploitation services
WP 1: exploitation services

WP leader: DFKI

Goal: Provide services for open-source exploitation of ActiveMath, materials, support activities

  • Support
    • User manual (German, English)(DFKI)
    • Technological support for partners (UdS)
  • Services
    • User mailing list, upload tool, bug reportng, forum, installation service (UdS)
    • Develop cost model for main services (installation, customization)(UdS)
    • Integration into open source LMS (DFKI)
wp 2 content reuse and enlagement
WP 2: Content reuse and enlagement

WP leader:Klett (originally) now vacant (ThemaCom)

Goal: enlarge and reuse content

  • Translations
    • Translate content + system to Czech (Prague)
    • System + content translation to Hungarian(Budapest)
    • ActiveMath content translation to French (Paris)
    • Translation of content and system to Dutch (Zaandam)
  • New content
    • Devise and implement new exercises (Klett)
  • Content from other applications
    • Integration of content via Combien? (Paris, see WP5)
    • Reuse (LUM)
wp 3 exploitation and dissemination to associations and networks
WP 3: Exploitation and dissemination to Associations and Networks

WP leader: LMU Munich

Goal: exploitation activities, dissemination (web site,

dissemination material, direct interaction with target groups)

  • Exploitation
  • Website
  • Material
  • Inform the actors of ways and means of using ActiveMath
  • Exchange and transfer of good practices of LeAM and foster innovations in teaching methods
  • Workshops
wp3 details
WP3 : Details
  • exploitation
    • Exploitation proposal for bridging courses project (DFKI)
    • investigative support of eLearning standards (DFKI)
    • exploitation of single components of LeAM (DFKI)
    • exploitation of competency-based pedagogy experience (LMU)
    • exploitation of LeAM as a research tool to investigate Learning (UdS)
  • web site
    • web site implementation and maintenance (UdS)
    • cooperation with/dissemination to other projects (UdS)
    • satisfaction questionnaire for web site (UdS)
    • FAQ on web site (DFKI)
    • wiki on web site (DFKI)
  • material
    • write text for leaflet, translate to German (DFKI)
    • translation of leaflet to Czech (Prague)
    • translation of leaflet to Hungarian (Budapest)
    • translation of leaflet to French (Paris)
    • translation of leaflet to Dutch (Zaandam)
    • print material (leaflet, posters) (UdS)
wp3 details1
WP3: Details
  • inform the actors of ways and means of using ActiveMath
    • disseminate results of LeAM to German maths teacher network and universities (LMU)
    • disseminate results of LeAM to Czech teachers, university tutors, association, Czech portal Prague (Prague)
    • disseminate results of LeAM to Hungarian teacher network (Budapest)
    • dissemination results of LeAM to French network / association (Paris)
  • exchange and transfer of good practices for LeAM and foster innovations in teaching methods
    • develop, exchange and transfer of good practices of LeAM (+video) (LMU)
    • develop good practice with ActiveMath (Budapest)
    • case study and dissemination results of LeAM to Dutch teacher networks (Zaandam)
    • close cooperation with other projects (Galois in NL) (Zaandam)
  • workshops
    • general workshop organization and publication (UdS)
    • local workshop organization (Prague)
    • local workshop organization (Paris)
    • local workshop organization (Budapest)
wp 4 dissemination to pre service teachers
WP 4: Dissemination to Pre-Service Teachers

WP leader: Budapest

Goals: intensive training and dissemination with pre-service teachers

  • pre-service teachers training
    • train German pre-service teachers with ActiveMath (LMU)
    • train Czech pre-service teachers with ActiveMath, produce pedagogical guidelines for its use (Prague)
    • train Hungarian pre-service teachers with ActiveMath (Budapest)
    • best practice of using ActiveMath (Budapest)
    • train French pre-service teachers with ActiveMath (Paris)
wp 5 integration
WP 5: Integration

WP leader: Paris

Goals: integration with eLearning app. Combien?

  • integration of Combien? into ActiveMath (Paris)
  • technological support for integration Combien? (DFKI)
wp 6 management
WP 6: Management

WP leader: UdS

Goals: Administrative and technical management

  • overall management (UdS)
  • updates of project summary etc (UdS)
  • continuous evaluation and monitoring (DFKI)
  • pedagogical evaluation through questionnaires, best practice evaluation (LMU)
next meetings
Next meetings
  • No need to meet before Autumn 2007?
    • September 4
    • Place candidates:
      • Paris
      • München
      • Budapest
  • Other means of communication (conference, e.g. skype, icq)
  • Local meetinngs on demand
  • Review (will be announced)
obligations of the coordinator
Obligations of the Coordinator
  • Communicate with EC
  • Supplying all documents and information (can be delegated)
  • Inform about web site
  • Inform agency of transfer between items of eligible costs
  • Provide financial guarantee when requested
  • Payment requests on behalf of partners
  • Payment transfer to the partners
obligations of co beneficiaries
Obligations of Co-Beneficiaries
  • Agree upon arrangements between partners
  • Agree with internal cooperation agreement (CA)
  • Forward to coordinator all reports, financial statements and documents
  • Inform coordinator of problems immediately
  • Inform coordinator of transfer between items of eligible costs
  • Provide audits etc if required
  • Total costs: 494,875 euro
  • Funding: 395,900 (80%)
  • Direct costs (personell, travel, dissem., etc)
  • Indirect costs: max 7% of direct costs (flat rate)
  • Transfer between items
    • shall not exceed 10% of amount of each item for which transfer is intended
    • EC has to be informed
  • Subsequent payments depend on the work progress (per partner)
  • 1st payment: 40%

- within 15 working days from the date when all parties sign the CA

  • 2nd payment:40%
    • within 20 working days of the receipt of thefurther pre-financing of the EC by the Coordinator
    • following the approval of the progress report by the EC
    • only if at least 70% of the partner's prefinancing has been spent
  • Balance payment:
    • within 20 working days of the receipt of the final payment of the EC by the Contractor
    • following the approval of the final reportby the EC
organizational issues
Organizational Issues
  • Consortium agreement written by UdS and signed by all partners
  • Progress report: end of 2007
    • Each partner shall internally collect and report all ist relevant activities per WP incl. Relevant meetings, publications etc (in CVS)
    • WP leaders edit the WP reports (in CVS)
    • Coordinator edits overall report and adds financial and management report
    • Coordinator submits report to Agency
  • Final report: June 2008
reporting procedure
Reporting Procedure
  • need to keep track of activities for each month internally
  • submit activity reports in svn (UdS provides pattern)
  • procedure:
    • each partner puts its activities into WP
    • each WP leader puts this together
    • coordinator adds things and submits
    • quarterly reports in addition to main progress reports
content of reports
Content of Reports
  • Each partner writes a text, describing the activities
  • No keywords, full sentences
  • Structured w.r.t. Work Packages
  • Submit in the svn repository
  • Reports are assembled from this descriptions

Sample Report: University of Saarland (UdS)

WP2. Content Reuse and enlargment.

UdS has encoded 20 new interactive exercises for the

concept of derivative. Exercises are reusable for several

learning contexts.

WP6. Management.

UdS has organized the Kick-off meeting of the project at 29.01.

Also, UdS participated in organizazion of 3 day authoring

workshop aimed to teach authors to produce content for

the ActiveMath system.

reporting procedure1
Reporting Procedure




WP1, WP2

WP1 Leader



WP2, WP3





WP1, WP3


WP2 Leader


WP3 Leader

  • weitere Möglichkeiten:
    • neue Inhalte, weitere Zielgruppen, Berufsausbildung
    • Kompetenzen als Ziele, Binnendiffernzierung
    • Lehrertool…
  • nationale adaptive Brückenkurse