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All About Me

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All About Me
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All About Me

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  1. AllAboutMe Sean

  2. My Family

  3. My Family I have four people in my family. My sister Kate, my Mom, my Dad, and me. My sister Kate is ten years old and loves soccer. She also runs very fast. Kate and I are both purple belts in karate. My mom is 45 years old and works for a hotel in Boston. My dad is 46 years old and works at Stop and Shop. I am 8 years old and I love baseball, basketball, football karate and soccer.

  4. My Best Friends I have four best friends and they are Nolan, Jacob, Anthony, Camden and sadly Jacob moved away when I was in first grade. Also, Nolan moved away when I was in second grade. Luckily, Anthony and Camden are both in my class and I play with them every day.

  5. Sean in the Fall

  6. My Favorite Restaurant My favorite restaurant is Ichigo Ichie. It is a Japanese restaurant. If you make a reservation you get to see a knife show where they flip knives and catch them. There is a stove in the middle of your table and the chefs cook on it. It is a really cool place to visit.

  7. My Favorite Food My favorite food is pizza because it has a lot of flavor in it. Also, because I love cheese, sauce, and most of all, the crust! I ask my parents if we can order pizza a lot. I like bacon pizza and cheese pizza. They both taste really good.

  8. My Favorite TV Show My favorite TV show is Adventure Time because it’s really funny and has action and adventure. Also, there’s this really funny talking dog named Jake, who has big eyes and can stretch really long. Also there’s a 13 year old boy named Finn, who wear’s a silly hat and is funny too.

  9. My Favorite Season My favorite season is winter because I get to play in the snow and build snowmen and forts. Also, I get to go sleigh riding and skiing. It’s a lot of fun. The only thing I don’t like is when it snows in the spring. It gets kind of boring after a while.

  10. Sean

  11. The End